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Ed Sheeran Makes Special Appearance in Game Of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones, if you’ve watched today’s latest episode that was released today morning, you might have not noticed Ed Sheeran playing cameo in this episode.

You must be thinking, WOAH! Clearly, no one ever thought Ed Sheeran is going to be an actor especially not in the Game Of Throne series, right?

Well, he lighted up everyone’s day with his appearance as the whole internet is exploding with the news and the picture that he posted on Instagram. The pop star was seen in the death-filled episode titled Dragonstone of Season 7 and was dressed as a soldier, singing around the campfire while he caught the attention of Maisie William’s Arya Stark. Arya Stark was seen riding through the forest on horseback.

In the scene, Arya said, “It’s a pretty song, I’ve never heard it before.”

Sheeran replied, “It’s a new one.” 

Sheeran, singer/songwriter celebrated his appearance by posting a shot of his performance on his official Instagram after watching the episode. He must have been pretty excited to see himself acting. He captioned the picture as, “Throwback to the time I was a Lannister.”

Source: Ed Sheeran’s Instagram

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Ed Sheeran’s fans were all divided on social media, with their very own comments and opinions both good and bad on their accounts. Some of them said,

Nadine, Twitter:  “How awesome is @edsheeran in that scene with Arya Stark?”

Lyndsey Vanstone: “Amazing cameo from @edsheeran in @GameOfThrones season 7 premiere!”

Meghan Rienks, a Youtuber also shared a post about it,


Source: The Telegraph

This cameo also attracted the attention of comedian, Leslie Jones whereby he tweeted, “Hey I know who that is!!”

Some of the fans however, were not impressed by it. They said,

“If Arya doesn’t burn Ed Sheeran he’ll come back as a white walker and be playing Westeros Glastonbury for thousands of years,” Zack Jones tweeted.

Source: The Telegraph

The show creators did announce that the singer will be making an appearance as they spoke at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. But if you’ve not realized, other musicians like Coldplay, Sigur Ros and Mastodon has also been featured in cameo parts of the series.

So if you’ve not seen the latest episode, be sure to watch out for this episode!



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