Ex-king of Malaysia Questions Whether He is The Real Father of His Son with Russian Model ex-Wife - His Lawyer Questioned Whether He is The True Father of their Baby - The Coverage

Ex-king of Malaysia Questions Whether He is The Real Father of His Son with Russian Model ex-Wife – His Lawyer Questioned Whether He is The True Father of their Baby

Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan divorced his Russian beauty-queen wife last month in an Islamic ceremony carried out without her knowledge

His lawyer has now questioned whether he is the true father of their baby son

Meanwhile Rihana Veovodina has posted photos of baby Leon on social media, saying that she is ‘proud that Malaysian blood flows in the veins of my son’

Ms Veovodina did not directly address her relationship with Muhammad, having previously denied the pair were divorced

A lawyer for the Malaysian king who divorced his Russian beauty queen wife after a whirlwind romance has questioned whether their son is really his.

Koh Tien Hua, who is representing Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, told the Straits Times: ‘There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child.’

But Rihana Oksana Veovodina uploaded two new images to Instagram Monday with her son, saying that she is ‘proud Malaysian blood flows in his veins’.

Writing from an apartment near Moscow where she is staying courtesy of Muhammad V, she said: ‘I am writing this post and I cannot hold back tears… and I think it’s not necessary because these are tears of happiness and gratitude!’

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After thanking her supporters for their kind words and encouragement, she adds: ‘I am so proud that Malaysian Blood flows in the veins of my son and I will do everything for him to grow worthy of your love.

‘In my life, I have to face to a lot of malice, slander and envy. But you convince me there is still a lot of kindness left in the world.’

After promising to keep sharing news of son Leon’s development online, she adds: ‘Today Leon is two months old. Keep growing and be happy, my little world.’

She did not mention Muhammad in her message or address the status of their relationship.

Mr Koh has insisted that the pair are divorced following a traditional Islamic ceremony on in June when Muhammad rejected his wife three times in the presence of witnesses – which is all that is required for a divorce under Sharia law.

‘Ms Rihana was informed of the irrevocable divorce on 22 June 2019 through her lawyers Alexander Dobrovinsky & Partners of Russia and a copy of the divorce certificate was given to her,’ added Mr Koh, from Eversheds Harry Elias LLP.

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She continued to deny having any knowledge of the divorce last week, and has not directly addressed the suggestion the Muhammad is not the father of her son

Speaking to Malaysian news portal Malaysiakini, she said: ‘I was in Russia with my child. We were not in Singapore in June for any divorce proceedings.

‘This is an act of provocation; we have never been divorced.’

The couple were married on June 7 last year when Sultan Muhammad V was the Malaysian King.

The Islamic nuptials were not reported.

A ceremony then followed in Moscow in November which leaked out to the media.

Then followed lurid reports about the beauty queen’s past, including an episode when she took part in a reality show under an assumed name.

In this Russian show, she was filmed having sex in a swimming pool with a male contestant, according to reports.

A collection of raunchy modelling pictures also appeared, evidently adding to discontent in conservative Malaysia over the match.

In January, the king took the shock decision to abdicate his throne.

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Oksana last posted a picture with her husband on 6 July – and is also seen pushing a pram with her baby.

She also gave apparently warm details – not previously revealed – of their meeting.

But she made one posting on 9 June that could be seen as ambiguous – or even highly critical – of the ex-king.

She wrote: ‘The man who really loves his woman will do everything for his beloved one.

‘Love and taking care is the base for strong and healthy relationship.

‘A good husband will always support and be nice with his wife.

‘Always is interested how does she feel and takes care of her, if she is tired.

‘Always 100% keeps his promises.

‘Always takes responsibility for the family and doesn’t put this responsibility on his wife’s shoulders.

‘During pregnancy he would give his wife increased attention, gifts and care.

‘Relationships are based on how can people support and understand each other.

‘Family is the result of the work of two people who can give love gratuitously.’

Source : Daily Mail

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