The Face Of A Pervert: Man Publicly Shames Man Who Tried To Secretly Take Images Of His Girlfriend's Chest! - The Coverage

The Face Of A Pervert: Man Publicly Shames Man Who Tried To Secretly Take Images Of His Girlfriend’s Chest!

It’s always a killjoy to encounter a pervert on your hard-earned precious day off, so this man does not have much mercy for this pervert whom he caught taking images of his girlfriend’s chests.

In the highly viral Facebook post, the man said he was in a Sunway Velocity Mall, shopping for phone cases when he visited the store, allegedly manned by the pervert. The couple said they were just casually browsing when the pervert walked towards them, presumably to help them pick the item they want.

However, the man got really suspicious when the pervert, who was a store assistant there, walked towards them while holding his mobile phone up, with the camera facing his girlfriend. While he did suspect that the man was secretly taking pictures of his girlfriend, he did not confront him there.

Instead, he waited for the man to finish his shift and followed him. The pervert soon discovered that he is being followed and tried to escape, but was eventually caught up by the man anyway. They later found that the pervert was indeed secretly taking pictures, not just of his girlfriend, but other women as well – and all the pictures had a focus on the chest!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to highlight what happened yesterday night (around 10:15pm) at Sunway Velocity, KL. I…

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Before the suspect could remove any evidence of his wrongdoing, the couple snatched his device and handled it to the police. Eventually, however, they only decided to report him to the mall management instead of pressing charges.

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