Factories In Penang 'Chap Lap' Leaving 6,000 Workers Jobless! - The Coverage

Factories In Penang ‘Chap Lap’ Leaving 6,000 Workers Jobless!

Factory workers who solely rely on their work at the factory to support their family live a life with risk as they wouldn’t know when the factory will shut down. About 6,000 factory workers in Penang were left jobless as companies closed down their factories in the state, claimed Datuk Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahaya.

Large corporations had closed their factories in Penang due to the state’s governance, Dr. Hilmi also claimed that the DAP-led government in the state had failed to help the urban poor, preferring to help the rich instead.

“DAP chooses to help the rich and the big housing developers, they don’t help ordinary citizens. The Chinese community is beginning to lose their confidence in DAP,” he claimed.

I do hope these factory workers get to find a new job soon, and I pray for other factory owners to hire them!

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