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Family Of Four Robbed By Three Men Who Claimed To Be Police Officers

Guys, just because some people claim to be from the authority, doesn’t mean you should believe them right off the bat, ask if you could see an ID (which is not wrong) to make sure that the person you’re speaking to is indeed a police officer before allowing them to do anything, for example, see your Identity Card, search your house and etc (anything related to your personal information and your privacy.).

Just recently, a family of four in Section 7 Shah Alam was robbed after they allowed three men posing as police officers in their home to ‘search the place’ at 4.50 am on Tuesday, December 5!

In the wee hours in the morning, the three men allegedly knocked on the family’s door and stated they were from Selangor police headquarters. They were clad in civilian clothing, had no badges nor warrant.

Without suspecting anything the family allowed them in. Three of the four are in their 20s while the fourth member is in his 50s. Moments after allowing the perpetrators in their house, the trio subsequently handcuffed the four residents and ransacked the house for mobile phones, laptop, and jewelry.

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Police were alerted of the ordeal at 7.15 am and arrived on the scene to find the family still cuffed. They are in the midst of tallying the total losses of the family from the robbery.

The police are also on the hunt for the three men and have released two composite sketches. They have also added that police would never enter a house without a warrant and urge the public to be wary of late-night callers who claims to be from the law enforcement.

Stay safe guys!

Source: Coconuts KL

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