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Family’s Holiday Turned Into Nightmare When They Found Out Their Vacation House Is Filled With Mold And Grime

When traveling far, even if it’s in the country, we would like for our accommodation to be clean and comfortable at the very least.

However, this family of 14 was very unfortunate when their dream of an idyllic vacation in Hulu Langat turned into a disaster.

One of the 14, who wanted to be known only as Emma, took to social media to complain about the condition of the bungalow the family rented paid RM400 a night last Saturday.

She posted on Monday,

“Pictures of the bungalow as advertised by the booking agents look pleasant, but when we arrived, it was dilapidated. Was someone murdered in this house?”

The bungalow was not only decrepit, the inside was filled with dust and the ceiling and walls were covered with mold.

Appalled by the condition of the bungalow, the 44-year-old housewife also shared that the furniture such as sofa, beds, and mattresses looked unclean and basic amenities such as kettle were not provided by the management.

“Rubbish bin bags were not provided, the refrigerator was rusty and I was afraid to use it. Toiletries and towels were not provided as well. Imagine not having all these things even though you have paid such a high price!”

Out of the 14, there are two senior citizens and four children, they all had to stay the night there as the family arrived the bungalow late in the evening and only realized the decrepit condition after checking their stay.

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Emma, who stays in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor, added,

“We were a large party and some of us had come from far away so it was not easy to find alternative accommodation.”

It is reported that one of the photos shared by Emma online showed a signboard of the resort that indicates that the building was under the Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd management.

She told reporters that she received a call from an individual claiming to be a representative of the resort management, telling her to take down her post and that she would be compensated if she does so.

“As a consumer, I have the right to post about it because it may affect other visitors.

“I hope the resort will be closed temporarily until renovation works are done because currently it is not fit for human habitation.”

She also said that she will be lodging a report to the authorities especially Tourism Malaysia if no measures are taken.

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Tourism Selangor said action was being taken to resolve the problem when contacted.

If you want to run a business where your rent out accommodation, you must make sure to keep up with the maintenance. How could you promote something so highly only to disappoint others? 

What do you think?

(Source: The Star)

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