Father Abandoned 2 Sons To Fend For Themselves After Wife Passed Away - The Coverage

Father Abandoned 2 Sons To Fend For Themselves After Wife Passed Away

When helping the needy, it doesn’t require thousands of Ringgits to make their day, sometimes, even a simple help like donating your time, effort, and love can put a big smile on their faces and yours too!

A netizen Mohd Syafiq from Kota Kinabalu shared his encounter on Facebook when he helped out two hungry kids.

Syafiq was having a meal in a restaurant when he heard a soft voice coming from his back calling, “Brother, brother”. Just as he turned his back, he found two children standing behind him, so, he asked: “What’s up?” and the kids replied,

“Do you have money? We’re hungry…”

Feeling sympathetic towards the two children, Syafiq invited them to sit with him, judging by the looks he feels that they are around 8 or 9 years old but even they weren’t sure of their own age.

Syafiq asked for their names and found out the one who is seated next to him is called Melvin, and his elder brother Tutu, but the boys also weren’t sure if those were their real names.

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Without any delay, the good samaritan ordered two chicken rice and iced Milo for the boys as per their request.

When asked about their family and how do they usually get food, Melvin answered,

“(My) brother is over there looking through garbage. Mama has passed away. Our father ran away one day while we were asleep. When I woke up and found out he wasn’t there, I cried.”

Anyone would’ve cried being abandoned at such a young age, it’s so cruel!

Melvin added that everyday they looked through garbage to find food,

“We eat keropok(snacks), KFC, and leftover food.”

After hearing of the boys’ hardship, Syafiq advised them to also collect aluminum tin cans or metal when they go through the trash next time because they can sell that to get money for fresh food.

The brother also found their clothing and slippers from the garbage, Melvin shared that when he didn’t have slippers and was barefooted, nobody wanted to be his friend.

“Before this, I had no slippers. I found these in the trash. When I had no slippers, no one wanted to be my friend.

“But now, I have friends even though my slippers are different on each side.”

Syafiq asked the boys where would they want to work when they grow up, Melvin told that they wanted to work in construction because their father once taught them how to mix cement. He is good at climbing so is his brother and Tutu is good with woodwork.

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Syafiq wanted to remind everyone to help others in need regardless of their background. As long as we can do something, do it. Don’t push those who need our help aside, they need us more than you think.

Maybe those who recognize the boys can help find their father, and talk him into caring for his sons again.

A video of the boys was also uploaded together with the Facebook post.

(Source: Facebook / Lobak Merah)

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