Filipino Superstar And Daughters Harassed By Group Of Men In Sunway Lagoon - The Coverage

Filipino Superstar And Daughters Harassed By Group Of Men In Sunway Lagoon

Oh come on, Malaysia already has a bad name with all the ridiculous clown-like acts that have made us a laughing stock for years, not to mention the major financial conspiracy that was brought to the world’s attention last year.

Plus those Malaysian students who acted like hooligans when they traveled to Osaka, Japan and not only did they take advantage of the landlord’s kindness, they caused damages to properties and a ruckus before they left, their story alone has brought shame to Malaysia, can you people STOP bringing our country to shame?

Ruffa Gutierrez, a Filipino actress, and former Miss World 1993 runner-up took to social media to share her dissatisfaction where she and her daughters have been allegedly harassed by a group of perverted men in Sunway Lagoon on February 15.

Source: Instagram

Ruffa and her family including her two teenage daughters, Lorin Gabriella, 15 and Venice Bektas, 14, came to Malaysia for a little getaway but had an unfortunate incident.

Source: Instagram

According to the superstar, she had arranged to meet her friend, Juliana Hussin and both of them decided to visit the theme park! That was when her two teenage daughters encountered perverts who took their photos without permission and leered at them.

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The incident was recorded on Ruffa’s Instagram stories which has now been deleted. She first wrote,

“While the kids were on the roller coaster, (my friend) and I went to buy burgers. The kids came back in tears saying that a group of old, creepy men were taking photos of them and blowing kisses. Literally harassing them.”

Source: Youtube

Initially, they tried to let it go and move on but the men, about 10 in total followed them and even tried to attack the ladies. Oh my God!

Ruffa continued,

“We stopped the guys and reprimanded them for whistling and they tried to attack us. We came to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia to have fun with the children and did not realize it’s not safe at all. Shocking.”

What’s appalling to us is that when Ruffa took a photo of the men, they even had the audacity to pose for her!

Source: Youtube

Due to the disgusting behavior of those people, Ruffa and her group had to cut short their fun-filled day out and reported to the management and security, they also requested to be escorted to their car as they did not feel safe.

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She wrote in her Twitter noting that theme parks should not allow ‘creepy men’ inside as it should be a ‘safe place for children and families.’

In response to the issue, Sunway Lagoon has apologized to Ruffa for her unpleasant incident with their general manager reaching out to her.

On top of that, Sunway Lagoon later released an official statement regarding the issue and emphasized that they are looking into the matter very seriously.

Although Sunway Lagoon’s management is taking serious actions on this matter, the police said they have yet to receive any official report of the harassment incident.

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Subang Jaya district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Azlin Sadari said no report was lodged by the victim about the incident.

Fortunately, Ruffa said she would not generalize Malaysians and would make another visit one day despite having an unpleasant experience in Sunway Lagoon.

We’re terribly sorry for the actions of those perverted men, we’re glad that you did not generalize all the Malaysians as the same. We welcome you warm-heartedly, we pray that these men realize their mistake and that karma would bite them back in their butts!

If anyone who witness the harassment and remembered their faces, please give them a solid punch to the crotch or face for me! I feel super pissed off by their actions, are you so thirsty that you’d attack any woman you see? You are the shame of our country that WE DO NOT NEED! You must think that it’s so funny to harass helpless women when you’re in a group, try imagining the victim is your mother/wife/daughter/sister/grandmother, how would you like that?

What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: Rappler)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. dean

    February 22, 2018 at 17:14

    honestly,i went to philippines many times for more than 6 years,what we heard about phlipines back at the days is no more a issue for people to travel,
    the country is very safe even in manila,around the mall you can see many police with a rott weiler and holding a ak47,but they are damn friendly, one short street at least got 2 of them,
    before entering a mall,they will scan and search you,even inside the mall,almost every shop will check you include mcdonald and KFC is doing the same before you enter them,in public area you wont see such crime like,snatching,bully and more.
    however crime do exist,but they are now under control
    hopefully oneday this country will improve,but that day will never come if they dont learn thier mistake after asking for forgiviness from god, public or after trail from court

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