Former Najib Appointed Scandalous Tourism Chairman Using TM Yearly RM 350 Million Budget To Award Contract In Return For 'China Doll Service' In Presidential Suite - The Coverage

Former Najib Appointed Scandalous Tourism Chairman Using TM Yearly RM 350 Million Budget To Award Contract In Return For ‘China Doll Service’ In Presidential Suite

Tourism Malaysia should be shut down to end wastage through its RM350 million a year budget, and a tourism tax on hotels should be abolished.  Tourism board had a workforce of more than 900, and its 35 offices abroad cost too much to maintain. When it was the Tourism Development Corporation (in the 1980s), it handled everything including the work of an enforcement agency and promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination. There were about a few hundred staff then. Now, they no longer handle enforcement, but the workforce has bloated to about 900 odd staff.

In addition, there was cronyism and “little Napoleons” within the ministry who were more concerned with ‘money-making’ deals and ‘creative accounting’ of expenditure.

A rough calculation of expenditure by two directors in each country would amount to RM40 million. Certain little Napoleons became creative and that is why they decided to introduce the tourism tax to cover the RM250 million cost. The tourism tax is a levy of RM10 per night per hotel room, charged on foreign tourists.

Here are the list of all the rumoured scandals , corruptions and problems by all the Former Tourism Chairman Appointed During Najib Time .

Air Asia Tony Fernandes Slam Former Najib Appointed Tourism Chairman

Tourism Malaysia Chairman Hates AirAsia And Even Destroyed Their Bunting?

Posted by Tony Fernandes himself, he posted a screenshot of an article that covered Mr Wee’s peculiar rampage that seem to have come from no where.

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In his post, Mr Fernandes captioned, “For many many years this man has tormented us. We have no idea why. Invited him many times to visit Airasia Allstars. But this is over the top. Airasia brings in the most Chinese tourists. You be the judge of what’s right and what’s wrong.” When reporters from Malay Mail questioned about the incident, a spokesperson from AirAsia confirmed that Mr Wee did act in such a manner that day. The spokesperson said, “We confirm the incident that took place at the 4th China International Tourism Expo 2016 in Beijing (on Friday) and we are very disappointed with what happened.” This was not the first time Wee has lost his temper with AirAsia.

Tourism Malaysia is suppose to promote Malaysia tourism and not to be used as a political tool or award to political crony. There are so many TM Chairman in the past and one of the former chairman even offered to sell 4 PKR MP amount up to RM 44 Million to cross over to UMNO. Such political contribution end up being rewarded as Chairman of Tourism Malaysia.

According to a blogger , a former TM Chairman being appointed by Najib just because he decided not to contest against BN in the general election. 

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Beliau mencanangkan bahawa beliau dilantik oleh Mantan PM Dato Seri Najib sebagai Pengerusi TM kerana beliau tidak akan bertanding sebagai calun bebas bagi Parlimen Wangsa Maju pada PRU13 untuk tidak menganggu calun BN sebaliknya membantu membawa pengundi beliau bagi menyokong calun BN. Dan imbuhannya menurut beliau Dato Sri Najib memberikan jawatan Pengerusi dan juga kita tahu ada imbuhan berupa wang ringgit yang beliau ‘pow’ dari Dato Seri Najib.

Apa yang anda lakukan apabila masuk ke Tourism? Anda ingin buat banyak WANG sebagai ganti tidak menjadi calun bebas. Kerana menurut anda ramai calun yang tidak bertanding mendapat habuan wang ringgit tetapi anda tidak.

In addition , this Chairman even uses his position and authority to offer contract in return for sex services in China. 

Anda juga ingin menamatkan kontrak PR Domestik dan China Tourism Malaysia. Anda berjaya menamatkan kontrak PR Domestik tetapi gagal utk kontrak PR di China. Pada mulanya anda memang benci dengan Ken Yang owner PR company di China tetapi setelah berapa kali berulang alik ke China tiba-tiba anda menjadi sahabat baik Ken Yang. Kenapa ya??? Jawapannya sebab Ken Yang memberikan anda wang ringgit dan juga China Doll utk servis anda semasa di sana.

3 days official work and 4 days China Doll Services In Presidential Suite?

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Apakah yang anda buat apabila menjalankan tugas-tugas rasmi di China? Anda banyak menyalahgunakan kuasa anda. Sepatutnya anda berada selama 3 hari utk tugas rasmi tetapi anda sambung sampai 7 hari. Anda juga minta bilik hotel anda setaraf Menteri. Tidak mahu Junior Suite tetapi Presidential Suite.

Another TM Corruption 

You are missing one more little napoleon in Tourism. You should also check on the corruption done by Dato Zainuddin Wahab when he was the Director of Production. He rented a shoplot as a distribution centre for Tourism higher than the market value for many years. We also got to know that his Sarawakian friend arranged for the rental of this shoplot to Tourism at the price of 45k a month. And this friend told someone that he has to give Dato Zainuddin his cut of 10k a month. This has been going for years and Dato Zainuddin has been enjoying this extra allowance every month. He also awarded printing jobs and supplying of souvenirs to his cronies. He prepared specs for the jobs tailored to his cronies where other suppliers cannot meet the requirement or meet with the delivery dateline. You can check with your Tourism Informer about this.

Source : kasihentam

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