Tun Dr. Mahathir Exposes Najib's Alleged Dirty Tactics In Trying To Win GE14 - The Coverage

Tun Dr. Mahathir Exposes Najib’s Alleged Dirty Tactics In Trying To Win GE14

We all know that in every General Election, every vote counts, sadly, there are certain ‘accidents’ that happened in the past that made the total vote count a little suspicious.

Earlier today, Malaysiakini published an article presumably written by Tun Dr. Mahathir himself exposing Dato’ Seri Najib Razak of his ‘modus operandi’ in trying to win the 14th General Election in Malaysia.

Source: Malaysian Access

Here’s what Tun Dr. Mahathir wrote,

“What kind of deception is Najib doing? I’ve listed them out as below.”

  • The list of voters have been tampered with until there are now 4 million voters who don’t have a complete address.
  • Hundreds of voters have the same name, age, but they live in different states.
  • Almost 70 voters have the same address, which means they live under the same roof. But a further check revealed that only two people live in that house.
  • Postal and early voters have increased up to one million. The procedure of postal votes is not clear and subject to fraud.
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Source: MMO

  • The ballot box could be hidden from the sight of opposition’s observants. There’s a high possibility that ballots will be added in.
  • Delineation was done so that all races would be separated. According to Najib, Malaysian Chinese are harder to bribe, as seen in the 13th General Election.
  • Voters, especially civil servants, were intimidated and were told that Najib will know who they’ve voted for. Government officers were warned by Najib himself that they must vote for BN, otherwise, action will be taken on them. Actually, no one will know who you’ve voted for when the count is being done.

Source: Malaysiakini

  • Funds for the opposition party is blocked. This is done by LHDN and MACC, which increased the tax or froze the money in the bank, thus slowing down the business.
  • All opposition leaders’ friends were warned to stay away from them, which made the leaders lose all their associates. Their contracts, businesses, or bank loans will be pulled back by the government if they still keep in touch with the opposition leaders. As such, the opposition only has very limited funds for the general election.
  • On the other hand, Najib has a lot of money from 1MDB and government funds to be splurged for the general election.
  • Bribery in the form of money and gifts are being done openly by Najib and UMNO because the police and SPRM are prohibited by Najib to take any legal action.
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Source: Facebook

  • The voting centre is changed without being requested by the voters so that they’d go to their usual voting centre only to find out their names aren’t there. Also, their centre has been relocated to a further place so that they aren’t able to make it in time to vote.
  • The polling day is set on a Wednesday, which is a working day. Yes, when I was the prime minister, the polling date once dropped on a Monday, but that day was listed as a public holiday.

Source: MMO

“So, don’t be afraid. Your normal ballot at the voting centre is confidential. If Pakatan Harapan wins by a margin of 10,000, there won’t be enough postal votes to be stuffed in the ballot box (to turn the tables).

“If someone tries to bribe you, just take the money and gift. The money and gift comes from the voters’ money, which was stolen by Najib anyway. Voters do not need to thank Najib or vote for BN.”

What are your thoughts after reading the article written by Tun Dr. Mahathir above? Share them with us in the comment section below.

(Source: Malaysiakini / WOB)

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  1. Vote for future

    April 12, 2018 at 20:25

    Don’t be tricked by BN agents saying they know who we vote for. There is no way anyone can see that.

  2. Gong chan

    April 13, 2018 at 01:47

    Down with the bloody swine Najib! He and his Adek LHL are the only idiots in this world who eats their Durian using a fork and spoon! Atas meh?

    1 More Durian Brother !

  3. KAC

    April 15, 2018 at 14:13

    Why is Dr. M at his age, 92, doing all these? TO SAVE MALAYSIA. All loyal Malaysians should go out and vote BLUE EYE (PKR’s logo forced to be used as a common logo by PH because of RoS’ unfair conduct) to kick out the corrupt government.

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