Girl Committed Suicide After She Wrongly Sent A Message To Her Boyfriend - The Coverage

Girl Committed Suicide After She Wrongly Sent A Message To Her Boyfriend

This is so sad. A 17-year-old girl named Charlotte Guy from Manchester, England ended her life after she accidentally sent a photo of her sleeping with another guy on the Snapchat app to her boyfriend, Jack Hurst, 20, last September.

The photo was supposed to be sent to her friend, but she made a mistake and accidentally sent it to her boyfriend who is in university instead.

Source: Hangat Kecoh

After realizing what she was doing was a mistake, she apologized and sent a message saying,

“Goodbye, forgive me.”

Charlotte then sent another message saying she loved her boyfriend and it was enough to know that Jack had hated her. Jack, who was worried about Charlotte’s condition immediately contacted the police and used the Snapchat account to locate her location.

To their dismay, Charlotte was found hanging from a tree near the St. John Rigby college in Wigan where she studied. The post-mortem reported that Charlotte was under the influence of alcohol and had taken cocaine before she hung herself.

Source: Hangat Kecoh

Charlotte, hailing from Orrell, is a student and a worker at a fitness center and is believed to have known Jack for two years.

According to Jack, Charlotte was responding messages and making calls in a state of anger prior to the incident, he had thought a girl had said something awful about her.

But it turns out Charlotte was trying to tell Jack that she felt he was being dishonest and was lying to her. Jack tried his best to convince her otherwise, but she allegedly said she did not want to be there anymore.

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Jack said that he was sorry for his girlfriend because according to Charlotte, the world did not fit for her and she was constantly worried if she did not have friends. But after starting college, she started to gain more friends and she looked very happy.

Source: Hangat Kecoh

Jack, who is taking the exam at Newcastle University, said he went to meet Charlotte on September 21 and Charlotte said she wanted to end their relationship and had trust in Jack anymore and just wanted to be friends.

“I said that it was not what I wanted. After that, I returned to my parents’ home in Blackpool.

“She asked whether I was okay or not and I said we needed to continue this relationship.”

On the night after they met, Charlotte went out with some of her friends but Jack did not know anything until they started texting again the following day and Charlotte told him that she kissed some other people that night.

On September 24, Charlotte wanted to talk to Jack but he was busy and wanted to finish up what he’s doing before talking to her.

“After that, I received a message on Snapchat that was meant for her friend which she wrongly sent to me.”

The Snapchat photo showed her sleeping with someone on Saturday night and she told Jack that she accidentally sent the picture to him by mistake and apologized, adding that she is a bad person.

Charlotte says she wants to explain but Jack says that he doesn’t like to talk. He added that he received a message from Charlotte saying,

“Okay, I think I’ve got the answer.”

After his phone call was not answered, he became worried.

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Toxicological reports show Charlotte of Orrell, Wigan, took cocaine while under the influence of alcohol.

Jack said afterwards he received another message saying, “It’s okay, Goodbye, forgive me”.

“The last message I got from her at 5.14 pm said ‘I love you, knowing that you hate me is enough’.”

The night before her suicide, Charlotte allegedly went out with her friends, Stephanie Bradshaw and Kieran Ashcroft.

Ashcroft said that Charlotte looked happy all night, there wasn’t even an ounce of sadness in her and the next morning at around 6 am, Charlotte sent a message telling that she had a good night. She also looked happy when Ashcroft dropped her off the next day.

Charlotte’s parents, Martin and Deborah Guy said their daughter presented herself as if she has a problem and had been referred to a health expert.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy say the last time they saw Charlotte was on Sunday, September 24, when she was drinking a cup of tea and said she wanted to retrieve some of her belongings from a friend.

According to Martin, the message that was sent to Jack was to attract his attention and did not expect his daughter to commit suicide.

Charlotte’s sister, Dean, said after she broke up with Jack, she was disappointed and then went out to watch a movie but after she returned home, Charlotte was happier.

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Coroner Alan Walsh noted the conclusion that can be drawn from this story.

“It is important to note that there is no evidence that Charlotte used cocaine in the past and there is no evidence that she is an active user either.

“With strong evidence, Charlotte may have taken cocaine in what I stated to make the remainder of her 48 hours of life chaos.

“But it may be that her chaotic mind at that time has a greater impact than the users who regularly take cocaine.”

In addition, the coroner said, Charlotte had stress related to her studies, work, and relationship with her boyfriend.

“I believe young people between the ages of 17 and 20 are experiencing such pressure.”

Source: Hangat Kecoh

“I know that it is the habit of youngsters in establishing relationships. Although Charlotte was the one who asked for a breakup, it would have a big impact on her.

“I believe I will have the same effects as Jack after finding his girlfriend died.

“I believe and accept the fact that at that time, she might be under the influence of cocaine and isn’t right in the mind.”

Charlotte is a young woman who has a problem and her decision to commit suicide was beyond the expectation of her parents and friends.

Remember guys, nothing can be solved with suicide, not even your problems because it causes a ripple effect of problems! 

What is your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

(Source: Hangat Kecoh)

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1 Comment

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