Grab Driver Caught For Assaulting Student - The Coverage

Grab Driver Caught For Assaulting Student

We’ve all heard news about Grab drivers that has committed crimes against the driver rules. This calls into question, how safe are we grabbing a ride with a stranger that we don’t know, and is Grab going to be responsible for any mishaps?

There are pros and cons to this, the pros are of course, convenience, much cheaper and faster rides. It has helped many to overcome their travel problems, but mishaps do happen and Grab should probably do a personality test or something to make sure that their drivers are completely trustable.

Just today, The Star Online reported of an assault involving a Form Five student and a Grab driver in Puchong.

It was said that the driver picked her up from her home at Puchong Jaya around 5pm on Saturday.

Acting Serdang OCPD Supt Mohd Rosdi Daud had confirmed that the incident happened at about 5pm on Saturday.

It all began when there was a misunderstanding between the student and her driver that led to a heated argument. This had caused the enraged driver to have allegedly assaulted the girl by hitting her. The victim now suffers a broken nose.

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Mohd Rosdi said,


“The suspect picked up the student from her house in Puchong Jaya and was supposed to send her to a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

“There was a misunderstanding between them during the drive and the enraged suspect allegedly as­­saulted the girl and broke her nose.”

He also added that the suspect was picked up yesterday. Grab has already said that they will not tolerate any physical violence and verbal abuse.

 Scary! So are you guys still going to grab a ride? Share with us!
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