Grandfather, Father, And Two Uncles Sentenced To 335 Years In Jail For Incest - The Coverage

Grandfather, Father, And Two Uncles Sentenced To 335 Years In Jail For Incest

Now this is another family that needs to either be put behind bars or completely wiped off the face of the earth! To think that adults who are supposed to be guardians to two young girls take advantage of them and eventually got one of them pregnant!

The girls’ grandfather, 57, who is a farmer, pleaded guilty to SIX counts of having incestuous relationship with the older (sister) of the two victims at a house in Tebedu near Serian, Sarawak, between January 2013 and last month.

According to New Straits Times, the father, 42, and two uncles ages 28 and 26, of the two sisters, who are all also farmers, pleaded guilty on their own account. The father pleaded guilty to two counts of committing incest against the same victim as the grandfather at the same location between January and December 2013.

The 26-year-old uncle was slapped with only one count of the same offence with the same victim at the same location at about 1 am on June 1, 2011.

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The victims’ other uncle, 28, was slapped with two counts of having sexual intercourse with the same victim at the same location between June and December 2011.

Additionally, he was also charged with two counts of committing incest with the victim’s younger sister at two separate locations between January and December 2012.

One of the offences was reportedly committed inside a bush near the house while the other offence took place at the house.

The eldest victim who is now 19 years old, is 25 weeks pregnant while her younger sister is 14 years old.

NST reported that all of the charges were made against the four men under Section 376B(1) of the Penal Code for incest, which carries the maximum jail sentence of 30 years and whipping.

All of the accused were unrepresented as they pleaded for leniency on grounds that they are remorseful for their action.

Sorry, but it’s too late to apologize.

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However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Nor Azhari Yusof, proposed the Court to impose a deterrent sentence against all of the accused. He argued that all of the accused have betrayed their responsibility as the victim’s guardians.

“They were supposed to be the protectors of the two sisters but they did otherwise by committing such disgusting acts.

“One of the victim is 25 weeks’ pregnant and this event will haunt her for the rest of her life.

“Hence, I pray that the Court would mete out the maximum sentence against all the accused.”

In the end, Judge Marutin Pagan sentenced the grandfather, father and the third defendant to 25 years’ jail for each offence.

The fourth defendant was sentenced to 25 years jail term for the first two charges, and 30 years imprisonment for the other two charges.

Each of the jail sentences will run concurrently from the date of their arrest.

Poor girls, being born into such a family, I really pray for you to find good families to look after you and that you can slowly get over your traumatic childhood, but do not force yourselves. Although we are unable to be with you physically, both of you are in our prayers. 

What are your take on the matter?

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(Source: New Straits Times / Coconuts KL)

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