[GRAPHIC CONTENT] This Devil Disguised As Man Drinks Dogs' Blood After Torturing And Stabbing Them - The Coverage

[GRAPHIC CONTENT] This Devil Disguised As Man Drinks Dogs’ Blood After Torturing And Stabbing Them

With all our heart, we wish that this maniac is served alive to a pack of dogs infected with rabies!

What kind of man would be able to do such a thing? No one! No humans can do this horrific stunt only devils can.

On July 27, a gore video of an Asian man in shorts torturing two dogs was exposed by Saad Tasleem. In the video, the man aggressively pulled one of the dogs using a snatcher and he kept flinging the dog up in the air and down to the ground several times before battering it with a wooden stick.

Once the poor dog was knocked unconscious, he then placed the helpless creature on a higher platform, jabs a knife into the neck, pulls it out and collects its blood with a silver pot.

He does the same towards the other dog. It isn’t clear what his intention was by recording the whole gruesome act but one thing is for sure that many animal lovers now want him to be tortured to death by any means.

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Please watch at your own risk, as the scene that you are about to see will traumatise you.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sam

    August 16, 2017 at 21:20

    I would personally love to meet him face to face and l would be glad to spend the rest of my life in jail because they way l would torcher him would be out of this world slow and very painful he is a low life man that dosnt deserve to live

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