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Guinness Introduces Three New Designs to Celebrate Malaysia’s Diversity this New Year

There is no denying that Malaysia’s diversity is one value praised by many and envied by millions in a global landscape. A country that has three main races and joined by our fellow Borneans, we have shared and lived together in this tropical land prosperously and in harmony for over 54 years now.

guinness limited edition stout bottles

To cherish Malaysia’s diversity, Guinness, the stout company that came ashore to Malaya almost a century ago, launched three limited editions Guinness Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans that are emblemed with scrupulous Malaysia heritage.

guinness three new design to celebrate malaysia diversity

The three designs are based on three spirit animals, bulldog, sea turtle, and hornbill; each tells its own unique Malaysia story that celebrates our diversity.

Emblazoned on the bottles and cans are also Peranakan motifs, Bornean tattoos, batik patterns, Chinese and Indian scrips, as well as henna prints—all of which represent our individual core cultures.

Seeing all these elements cohering into three wholistic designs, with each cultural emblem waltzing with one another, it certainly doesn’t feel foreign at all. This imagery of cultural medley stands to show our diversity, fluidity of our culture and how accepting we are to each other’s culture.

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It looks like we have achieved one of the challenges in Vision 2020, where we need create Bangsa Malaysia. I think we are fit to cross that off.

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“Malaysia is a land unlike any other. It is truly more than the sum of its parts – our diverse mix of cultures, traditions and languages have combined to create a sense of identity which transcends our differences.

“This diversity, the contrasts and connections, are what we want to celebrate with our limited-edition designs on Guinness Foreign Extra Stout,” said Guinness and Diageo senior brand manager Julie Kuan.

The Bulldog

guinness stout bulldog malaysia new

Bulldog holds a special place in Malaysian stout lovers’ heart. When Guinness first arrived to Malaysia (Malaya) territory a century ago, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout had a bulldog emblem on its bottle. Guinness marked their bottles with different animals in the past to distinguish their stocks from different territories.

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guinness stout bulldog malaysia
Source: huneyzworld

The bulldog emblemed bottles were later called by the locals as ‘Hak Gaw Beh’, which translates to ‘Black Bulldog Beer’ from Cantonese. Ever since, Guinness has become many Malaysians’ go-to stout as it had stuck with Malaysians throughout several colonizations. Guinness has stood the test of time and become our staple stout until today. That’s why it represents Strength and Resistance of Malaysians.

Guinness bulldog gif


The Sea Turtle

guinness stout sea turtle malaysia new

Sea turtle tells the story of resolution. Leatherback sea turtles swim thousands of miles back to Malaysia shores every year to lay eggs at their natal nest. They are a symbol of goodness and dedication just like how the spirit of dedication that Malaysians exhibit on their journey to better their lives, while never losing sight of where they come from.

guinness sea turtle design


The Hornbill

guinness stout hornbird malaysia new

Hornbill, however, reflects our nonpareil. As a symbol of many proud Bornean tribes, hornbill also represents boldness and spirit of Malaysians. Its chieftain-like presence in the avian kingdom reflects our alacrity as Malaysians are known for our welcomeness and energy. Despite our differences, our fervency makes us one—the very one that stands out in a global crowd.

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hornbill design guiness

Guinness, a company with over 260 years of history, do not take heritage lightly as you can see from their thinking behind the three limited edition Guinness Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans.

You can collect the designs from today until February 2018. They are available in all variants of bottles, 325ml and 640ml, as well as 320ml cans.

Win Golden Bulldog, limited-edition bottle box sets and more!

Guinness Diversity Photo Challenge


Did we mention that you can win 5x GOLDEN Guinness Bulldog and limited-edition bottle box set, 25x limited-edition bottle box set, and 30x limited-edition Guinness t-shirt? All you have to do is:

  1. Take a picture that captures Malaysia’s diversity
  2. Share it to this Guinness post
  3. Include the hashtag #GuinnessMy in the comment
  4. Wait for the winner announcement. Contest ends this January 24.

Visit Guinness Facebook page for more info:



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