Halim Saad : Urged The Malays To Mix With The Chinese They Want To Excel - “Learn From The Chinese” - The Coverage

Halim Saad : Urged The Malays To Mix With The Chinese They Want To Excel – “Learn From The Chinese”

Prominent businessman Halim Saad yesterday urged the Malays to mix with the Chinese community “as much as possible” to learn business skills if they want to excel in life.

Addressing a group of former students from Kolej Yayasan Saad at a talk here last night, Halim the former executive chairman of Renong Bhd, said they might initially find the Chinese “cliquish” but that it would be worth their time.

“Learn from the Chinese,” he said. “I learnt by mixing around with them since primary school.

“I lived in a rural part of Perlis, and I would cycle to their homes in urban areas. I saw that they are hardworking, very hardworking.”

It was this attitude towards work, he added, which saw them excel in life.

Halim, who has businesses both in Malaysia and around the world, said he continued mixing with the Chinese while furthering his studies in New Zealand.

“I lived with the Chinese, joined their clubs. But they will not give you the answers (for homework),” he quipped.

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“They are cliquish as they can survive on their own. We have to mix around with them,” he said, adding that he had to show them that he was equally as hardworking.

On his own recipe for success in business, he said: “My advice to you is simple: learn the supply chain.”

Halim established Kolej Yayasan Saad in 1995 as a school to provide secondary education for Bumiputera students from diverse backgrounds.

He later opened the institution to students of all races.

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