This Is Heartbreaking!!! A Dog Was Dragged Behind A Lorry In Sarawak!!! - The Coverage

This Is Heartbreaking!!! A Dog Was Dragged Behind A Lorry In Sarawak!!!

First and foremost, before we pull the trigger or you guys pull the trigger, we do not know, if the owner of this dog and the lorry driver is the same person, or even if the lorry driver actually knew about the dog that was being dragged along.

According to a post by “The Brotherhood of Sabah Sarawak”, this lorry driver was spotted dragging this dog while driving. The dog doesn’t look like it is alive, as its’ feet seems to be flying off the ground in the picture.

It is uncertain whether the guy that took picture of the whole incident actually confronted the lorry driver or not, but just assuming if he/ she didn’t…then what is the bloody point of taking the picture and not doing anything about it.

If the lorry driver was really at fault, then he needs to be corrected.

Here’s a good and useful tip, if anyone of you sees this happening in front of your eyes the least you could do is correct the person who is doing it. Not just take pictures and not do something about it.

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There could be a possibility that the lorry driver didn’t even know that the dog fell off or something. And the source only explains that this incident happened in Limbang, Sarawak.

Hopefully, we will see lesser of such cases in 2017 onwards. I know it’s a bit of a wishful thinking, but hey one has got to stay positive, right?


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