[Heartbreaking Story] A Mother Is Torn In Between Her Two Sons As Who She Gives Her Kidney To Gets To Live Longer!!! - The Coverage

[Heartbreaking Story] A Mother Is Torn In Between Her Two Sons As Who She Gives Her Kidney To Gets To Live Longer!!!

One of the most devastating moments for a mother is when they have to see their children passing on, however, nothing can top the agony of having to chose which child to save first.

Lian Ronghua was forced to make a decision over which of her desperately ill sons should receive her kidney. Seeing how difficult it was for the mother to make her decision, the older son steps in and suggests to save his younger brother first.

The family had been arguing for a long time over this matter according to Daily Mail.

Li Haiqing, 26, an aspiring doctor made the selfless decision to urge his mother to save his sibling, Haisong, 24, first. You must be wondering why can’t the father also donate his kidney to his older son, well apparently, Li Xiukai does have a healthy kidney but since he has high blood pressure, doctors find him to be unfit for the surgery.

Li Haiqing (left) and Li Haisong (right)

According to the source, the transplant operation cost the family several thousand yuan and are doubting that they can fork out another heavy amount for a second operation even if there is a suitable donor for the elder son.

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The two brothers are suffering from a condition called Uremia- Urea in the blood. This happens when the kidneys slowly lose its ability to filter toxins for excretion and end up back into the blood stream.

For both brothers to receive dialysis treatment every other day, the entire family had to move to Xiamen, last year. It was reported that Haiqing would have his dialysis treatments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while the younger one would undergo the same procedures on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Ronghua kept weeping before she entered the operation theatre. She said, “No matter who I give it to it’s unfair!”

The older brother made the decision to save his brother first was because according to him, the younger one has already graduated, meaning he will be able to find a good job easier, whereas Haiqing had to leave his medical course half way when the sickness came knocking at their doors.

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The source said that the transplant took an exhausting 8-hours operation and during the whole time, Haiqing and his father waited at the hospital.

Haiqing seems to still be positive about the whole thing, and have hope that he will be able to find a kidney that is suitable for him.

Our prayers are with the family. Hopefully, all goes well and both brothers get to live long.

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