[HORRIFYING]: A 16-Year-Old Girl Brutally Stabbed Her Uber Driver To Death - The Coverage

[HORRIFYING]: A 16-Year-Old Girl Brutally Stabbed Her Uber Driver To Death

Recently, a 16 -year-old girl accused of stabbing her Uber driver to death in Chicago. According to police, the driver named Grant Nelson,34 was screaming for help about 3.20am Tuesday with multiple stab wounds.

Apparently, the suspect, Eliz Wasni hailed three Uber rides the night she murdered Nelson. The second ride took her to a local Walmart, where prosecutors said she stole a knife and machete. CCTV footage allegedly showed Wasni stealing the items.

The suspect, Eliz Wasni

Her third Uber ride was driven by Nelson, who had just finished Memorial Day dinner with his family when he decided to make some extra cash driving the ride-sharing service, his family said. 

Two minutes into the ride, Wasni “hacked and stabbed” Nelson from the back seat, according to prosecutors.

The victim, Grant Nelson

When police found Nelson, he said he was an Uber driver and that his passenger stabbed him, police said.

Sadly, Nelson died at a nearby hospital a few hours later. Chicago-area TV stations reported that Nelson’s blood-splattered silver sedan remained in the intersection as police investigated his killing.

Uber officials said the company was working with police to provide information relevant to the investigation.

“We are heartbroken by the loss of one of our partners,” Uber said in a statement. “Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.”

Described as a gentle and kind man with no enemies, Nelson’s father told CBS Chicago the killing was random.

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