[HORRIFYING IMAGES] Puppy Gets Skinned Alive And Dies Few Days Later!!! - The Coverage

[HORRIFYING IMAGES] Puppy Gets Skinned Alive And Dies Few Days Later!!!

SAN FRANCISCO: According to post by Petition Daily, a puppy along with a couple of brothers were found on the streets of San Francisco, Cordoba province, Argentina. The kind person who spotted the family was not in a good financial condition to bring them home, so instead he had brought them over to an uninhabited house, where he would visit these puppies regularly to feed and play with them.

However, unfortunately, one day when he visited the puppies, one of them was in an extremely painful condition. The puppy was skinned and was wailing in pain.


The man claimed that the puppies could have wondered off and quite possibly a heartless ‘animal’ had gone overboard with their actions.

The puppy, which was later named Chocolate, was rushed to the hospital and he was kept on antibiotics while the vets tried their best to sooth the wounded area. Despite their endless aid, Chocolate did not survive the painful ordeal. RIP buddy…:(

The vets had concluded that the injuries sustained by the poor puppy were caused by intentional actions.

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We really hope that somehow, with technology someone got it on video or something, justice needs to be served!

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