[HORROR] 67-Year-Old Woman Was Found With 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In One Eye - The Coverage

[HORROR] 67-Year-Old Woman Was Found With 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In One Eye

How on earth does one even lose contact lenses in their eyes??? I get so uncomfortable even when it moves out of position.

According to Straits Times, a 67-year-old woman shocked her eye surgeons when they found 27 contact lenses stuck in one of her eyes as they were preparing her for a cataract surgery.

The lenses which got lost behind her eye caused her much discomfort which prompted her to think it was just the symptoms of old age and dry eyes.

It seems that initially 17 of the lenses were found stuck together by mucus while the other 10 were found only after the woman’s eye was examined under a microscope. Crazy!

Special credits to: Rupal Morjaria. The 17 lenses that were stuck together in a woman’s eye.

Not only the doctors were surprised, even those who came across this incident were shocked at how did the patient not notice the lenses as it would have caused a lot of irritation. And doesn’t she need to remove them every night?

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It was reported that the patient had been wearing monthly disposable contact lenses for 35 years and somehow she was unaware that the lenses were missing.

Apparently, after two weeks of removing the lenses, the lady claimed that her eyes felt much better. As for now, her cataract operation has been postponed and professionals are advising other contact lens users to be wary of their eyes and go for regular check ups just to make sure your eyes are still in healthy condition to wear lenses.


Source: Straits Times




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