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[HOT BABE] He Or She? Netizens Are Flipping Out Over The Identity Of This Beautiful Woman

Netizens are in a hot debate over this beautiful woman as some are strongly believing she is a man! Recently Thai Visa The Nation Thailand News posted up a series of picture of an ‘unknown’ lady and everyone’s jaw dropped at the sight of her beautiful body and looks.

Many are strongly believing that this woman is actually a transgender and most of the male species are starting to doubt women in general. Bad enough guys have been complaining about the unrealistic beauty that women have been achieving with their incredible makeup skills, and now this.

These were some of the hilarious comments left by the male netizens:

Brian Green: The dangers us men face every day….be careful out there all you red blooded males!

Jimmy Musselwhite: I’m glad my skirt chasing days are far behind me…Getting married and settling down ain’t so bad…..haha

Jensen Huang: Rule no#1 in Thailand: if she’s too pretty as a girl, she might be a he

Tuti Pro Dota: No wonder men are getting lesser and lesser every day… I guess its time for me to transform too 😂

Sammy Machielsen: It’s like playing mine sweeper but in real life. Awesome!!! *grabs a bunch of red flags*

I can only LOL so hard at these boys who are convinced that this lady is a man just because her pictures were posted up in a Thai FB page.

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Geez…Well, just so you all know, this is a legit woman! Not Thai though, she is in fact, Miss Korea 2016 who represented her country in the Miss International beauty pageant, and you can easily follow on her Instagram @mmingjeong

Just because the other man-lady’s ID was used due to their similar features, these two beauties are not related in any way. Seriously, boys these days are tripping over everything.

Let’s just enjoy Kim Min Jeong’s beauty, shall we?

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