How Mahathir Killed 3 Birds With One Stone : Out-Smarted Everyone & Out-Moved Everyone - Anwar , DAP & Amanah Checkmated - The Coverage

How Mahathir Killed 3 Birds With One Stone : Out-Smarted Everyone & Out-Moved Everyone – Anwar , DAP & Amanah Checkmated


    Tun M had the numbers in Parliament since mid-2019, but like in a game of poker, he didn’t show his hand. He was patient. Anwar thought he could call Tun’s bluff. So Anwar sent his goons around the country to keep the transition discussion alive, talked about the transition in every single country he went to, and even told Bloomberg the date is May 2020. Tun allowed that to gauge the support Anwar has. And clearly despite demonstration threats, we all know a repeat of 1998 is impossible. Now since Tun showed one of his cards, that is the bipartisan support from at least 130 MPs. The question Anwar has to answer to convince the public now whether he has more than Tun’s 130. Certainly Anwar can’t. So Tun won.
    DAP & Amanah thought that by supporting Anwar in the Presidential Council meeting, they would finally have a transition date for their PM candidate. That wasn’t the case. Anwar backtracked and DAP Amanah were left hanging to dry. Now both DAP and Amanah are in a dilemma. Should they be obedient to Tun or should they continue sabotaging Tun’s administration and risk returning as Opposition? This dilemma is especially for Lim Guan Eng who has been on Tun’s bad books since 2018. That is why he was not sent to negotiate the ECRL terms with China in 2018. Instead it was Daim who was sent. With the upcoming DAP polls this year end, it will be hard to Lim Guan Eng to maneuver. The same for Amanah who have near to zero clout among the Malays. Now both DAP and Amanah have no more bargaining chips. The only bargaining chip they had was the PH Presidential Council, but Tun’s bipartisan support of 130 MPs have outweighed that.
    In agreeing to side Tun, the UMNO and Pas opposition now cannot attack Tun and his policies because they will look stupid doing so. People will question why are they criticising PH’s PM when they already pledged support for him till the term ends. This helps Tun drive the Cabinet with more efficiency. He can waste lesser time entertaining the Opposition’s attacks. He can spend more time focusing on running the government. Also, one of the terms given to UMNO was that Najib will go to jail. This has resulted in a split within UMNO between the pro-Najib and those who want to cut off Najib. Realised Lokman Adam is very furious lately?

Whether you agree with Tun and his policies or not, that is not the issue here. And please let’s not be naive and talk about moral or whatever. Was Tun the the only one making moves? No. Anwar, DAP, Amanah, UMNO and Pas made their moves too. Was Tun the only one who played dirty? No. Anwar, DAP, Amanah, UMNO and Pas had their share.

The only difference is Anwar, DAP, Amanah, UMNO and Pas lost. Tun won. So like him or not, it must be admitted he is a above anyone else in his league. He out-smarted everyone and out-moved everyone.

Source : Najib Razak Must Go

Tun M is the most legendary politician Malaysia has ever seen.

Love him or hate him, like him or despise him, up to you. But we must accept the fact that this man is the greatest at his game. It’s like., You may not like Mike Tyson, you may not like Schumacher, you may not like Tiger Woods, but you got to admit they were the best at their league.

This is a man that achieved what many can only imagine and envy. You whack him from the front, you bang him from the back, you attack from the right, you hit from the left, he buat bodoh saja.

But when he makes his move……. Anwar has to concede “ok Tun we leave it to you to decide after APEC”. Guan Eng has to be a sitting duck. Heck, even UMNO PAS as opposition wants to file a motion to support the PM of the day. The first in history!

As the Malay saying goes- digerun kawan dan lawan.

By the way, he’s 95.

DAP Lim Guan Eng Jangan Sesekali Bersifat Keterlaluan Racist



  1. Bryan Chew

    February 24, 2020 at 21:22

    What is this piece? It’s painfully sensational, poorly constructed, and reads like it was written to meet a deadline. Full of bias and offers no value whatsoever.

    Please improve your content and filter the things you publish. Maybe even refer to the Sarawak Report’s feature on this issue?

  2. Lim Fang Ming

    February 24, 2020 at 21:52

    where is human right if all only play by politician? is all malaysian citizen was so stupid play by politician only???

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