[IMAGES REVEALED] Kim Jong-Nam Killed By North Korean Female Assassins??!! - The Coverage

[IMAGES REVEALED] Kim Jong-Nam Killed By North Korean Female Assassins??!!

The Internet is going crazy over the murder of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother and we can totally understand why. It’s mostly due to the surprise factor, really.

Let’s break it down first, we all know that usually family members or people who are closely related to a certain political figure will always be guarded. And what I mean by guarded is, heavily guarded!

So we all know that it is almost impossible to penetrate through their guards or defence unless the assassination were to take place in a highly congested or remote area. And KLIA being one of the busiest international airports in the world, seemed like a perfect place for murder to take place, no? Maybe I have watched too many action movies.

And for him to be taken “down” by two ladies…literally like a scene out of the James Bond movies.

After everyone was taken by surprise of the news of Kim Jong-Nam’s assassination, just hours later, the local police spotted the culprits when they were analysing the CCTV footage of the KLIA which showed two unidentified females, which everyone are 90% believing that they were assassins.

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The police reported that the 46-year-old deceased was poisoned with an unidentified toxic substance at the airport on Monday at 9 in the morning while he was checking in for his flight to Macau.

The footage revealed that one of the female figures approached Jong-nam and sprayed the man with an unknown gas while the other tightly hold him back, in which caused him to get instant medical treatment from to the KLIA staffs.

Never let your guard down just because they are women! Have you not heard how dangerous can a woman be?!

It was reported that the two women were agile and precise with their movement in capturing their enemy, so much so that it is highly possible that these two were special agents dedicated to get rid of the nuisance that their beloved  leader had to deal with for a long time.

Apparently, it is also a known fact, for the North Korean regime to train women as special agents, especially if they were highly attractive and are good at mingling around.

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The two spies quickly fled the scene by grabbing a taxi. Despite receiving first-aid from the KLIA staffs and was urgently sent to the Putrajaya Hospital, the half-brother did not make it to the hospital and was announced dead while he was on the way.

Though initially, CCTV images showed a pretty vague image of one of the woman that the police believed to be the assassin, just hours later, a clearer picture of the agressor comes to light.

Unless if she was wearing a mask or something, her pictures currently best depict her as a middle-aged Asian descent. This is some scary shit, don’t you think so? Assassins are closer to home, and you only thought that it was only possible in the movies.

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1 Comment

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