INDIA: Teen Took His Own Life After Father Refuses To Buy Him Video Game - The Coverage

INDIA: Teen Took His Own Life After Father Refuses To Buy Him Video Game

Our parents want the best for us, but they also don’t want to be the cause of us lacking in our education, therefore, when we ask for video games, they usually refuse to get it for us. The main reason is that they want their children to focus on their studies.

Do your best at school and who knows, your parents might just reward you with the game you want!

An engineering student from Hyderabad, India took his own life when his father refused to buy him a video game worth 3,000 rupees (RM201).

The deceased identifies as G.Abhinay, 17, asked his father, G. Srinivas, to buy him a video game a week before he ultimately took his own life by jumping off the second floor of his house.

Next Shark reported that the teen even tried slitting his wrists before jumping to his death.

In the father’s defense, he explained to the police that he refused to buy his son the video game since it can be a hindrance to the boy’s studies. It’s normal for parents to worry about their child’s education.

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In addition, the teenager’s mother had already spent a lot of money on their house alone and they don’t want to add a video game to their expenses. The parents’ decision was right as the video game is not a necessity but just a desire.

Although the case might officially be ruled as a suicide, the police are still investigating to see if the student was really wiling to go that far for a video game. Yes, the incident might sound unusual, but it is actually quite common among teenagers in India.

Suicide rate among Indian teens are rising at an alarming rate and India has the highest suicide rate for teenagers aged 15 to young professionals aged 29. The causes for suicide in India range from students failing their examinations to young adults failing to seek employment.

(Source: Next Shark)

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