Indonesian Hospital Staff Caught Molesting Patient Who Was Under Anesthetic By The Victim - The Coverage

Indonesian Hospital Staff Caught Molesting Patient Who Was Under Anesthetic By The Victim

For the longest time, we believe that all hospital staff is honest, respectful and diligent in their work, as they need to save lives! Doctors and nurses often dedicate their lives to assist patients placed under their care.

However, there is always at least one bad apple on every tree. In this case, a hospital staff in an Indonesian hospital touched a patient inappropriately when she was placed under anesthesia.

Feeling humiliated and violated, she said,

“I cannot sleep, cannot eat, my heart is crying. I can sleep but not fully asleep. I cannot eat, I am humiliated.”

With tears in her eyes, the victim demanded the accused hospital staff to confess to his actions. She said while pointing at the man standing at the end of her bed,

“You were fondling my breast. You confess to what you did. You confess first. Confess to me in front of everyone.”

Pressured into admitting his immoral actions, he admitted to the molestation and replied,

“Yes, but it’s not like that, I’m mistaken.”

Not satisfied with the man’s confession, the victim later mentions how the man violated her. She said while trembling,

“You were holding my breast, right? You fondled it two to three times, right? Then you put your hand under my shirt and played with my nipple, right? Confess!”

After hearing the statement from the victim, the perpetrator immediately approached the woman and apologized,

“I apologize, ma’am, I apologize.”

The perpetrator’s apology was witnessed by the victim’s family members as well as other hospital personnel.

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The man no only apologized to the victim, but he also apologized to everyone present in the room for his actions with his head down.

The confrontation was captured on video and it has since gone viral with many netizens condemning the man’s actions, some even suggested that the victim should not have accepted his apology, instead, demand justice for the ill-treatment of the staff.

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(Source: Hangat Kecoh)

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