[INTERESTING]: An Elderly Auntie From Singapore Scams Fish Stall With A Sneaky Trick - The Coverage

[INTERESTING]: An Elderly Auntie From Singapore Scams Fish Stall With A Sneaky Trick

An elderly lady who was previously accused of cheating a stall holder by pretending to drop the money in her hand, is being accused of cheating again. This time, she has been caught on camera while shopping at a fish stall in Whampoa Wet Market.

In the earlier incident, Stomp contributor Christine had alerted the citizen journalism website to a video of the woman at a shop at Pasir Ris Drive 6 on Nov 18, 2016. In that video, the woman appeared to tell a stall holder that her change had fallen behind the counter. However, video footage clearly shows her stuffing the money handed to her in her pocket.

Now, Stomp contributor Yeowhwa is claiming that the woman pulled a similar stunt at his fish stall on Dec 27 last year.

In the video obtained by Stomp, the woman can be seen waving a $50 note at the shopkeeper pointing at a fish she wants to buy. She then pockets the $50 note while the worker proceeds to pack her fish.

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When he hands over the fish, there is some confusion as she claims that she has already paid for it and pretends to look around the stall for the money. After some hesitation and confusion, the worker goes to the cash box and hands over about $40 in change.

Yeowhwa did not know about the incident until his employee alerted him and he decided to review the footage.

Watch the CCTV footage below:


Yeowhwa then  sent the video to Stomp after seeing Stomp’s previous report. However, he said that he did not make a police report.

“It is just $50,” he said, but added that he wanted to alert other shopkeepers to the woman’s tactics so that they do not fall for the same trick.

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