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Japan AV Model Maria Ozawa Met an Accident in Philippines and all the Victim asked was….

Almost everybody knows who Maria Ozawa is. In case you don’t know who she is, Ozawa is a world-renowned adult actress born in Hokkaido, Japan on (born January 8, 1986) Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian. Ozawa graduated from Christian Academy in Japan, and has asserted that she has a higher ability to read and write English than Japanese. Ozawa played hockey on a daily basis, and often sang karaoke after classes. She claims that she became sexually active at the age of 13 and learned the “48 sexual positions” from a book she purchased.

In 2002, when she was 16 years old, Ozawa debuted in a 30-second Japanese TV commercial for DARS Chocolate alongside the Japanese pop duo KinKi Kids. Ozawa is featured sharing chocolate with one of the two singers while secretly holding hands with the other.

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What will you do when you know an AV model crash into your car?

Maria was in Philippines for an event when she crashed into a Filipino’s car. After crashing into the car, the owner dashed out from the car filled with anger and wanted to start an argument until she saw a very gorgeous looking lady sitting in the car. Surprisingly, she was Maria Ozawa, his all time favourite AV Model.


He then quickly took out his cell phone and ask her for a few ‘selfie’. His anger is then toned down and he displayed the ‘fanboy’ side of him while Maria keeps apologising to him for her mistakes but all the man did was smile widely as he never expect he could meet Maria in such a way.

This video was captured by passer-by and uploaded on YouTube and between hours, it hit more than 100 thousand views

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