Japan: Mentally Disabled Man Left Inside Hot Van For 6 Hours Dies - The Coverage

Japan: Mentally Disabled Man Left Inside Hot Van For 6 Hours Dies

The hot weather these days is no joke, it is so hot that it is dangerous to stay in the car under the scorching sun.

Just recently, a mentally-disabled Japanese man died after being left inside a service van of the facility called Cosmos Earth in Ageo, Saitama Prefecture for 6 hours.

The 19-year-old reportedly died of heat stroke as he was left inside the vehicle under the scorching sun with the temperature around 33.1°C (91.58°F) for the day.

The police discovered the man unconscious in the back of the van at 3.25 pm, just before the facility closed at 4 pm. Welfare facility staff likely forgot to help the 19-year-old man out of the can when assisting four other facility users in leaving the vehicle around 9 am.

When he was found, rescuers recorded his body temperature at 41.4°C, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment but died shortly after.

Kenji Otsuka, a caretaker of the welfare facility, told reporters,

“I apologize to him and to his family from the bottom of my heart.”

Source: Next Shark

(Source: Next Shark)

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