Japanese Airline Now Lets Dog Travel In Main Cabin With Owners! AWWW - The Coverage

Japanese Airline Now Lets Dog Travel In Main Cabin With Owners! AWWW

Sometimes, taking your pet with you on a flight is necessary!

But putting your darling into the compartment below the cabin? It feels like a betrayal.

Which is why one Japanese airline has decided to deny the age-old rules of cabins being pet free and is letting passengers bring their fluffy accomplices on board with them.

First departing from Narita airport near Tokyo, Japan Airlines’ first ‘wan wan jet’ charter service flew to Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan.

But to be honest, we don’t care about the location too much – it’s all about the journey.
And for those that want their dog-infused trip to go beyond just the plane, for ¥150,000 (RM5,735.71), the package tour also provides for owners and their dogs to stay together in a hotel and travel together in rented cars.

If this sounds like all of your dreams come true, you’re not the only one ! Within an hour of the company announcing its dog-friendly service back in December, it was fully booked with 60 people and 30 dogs.

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41-year-old company employee Toshihiko Kaiwho, travelling with his four-year-old miniature dachshund, told Mail Online: It was painful for me to check in (my dog) as luggage at airport counters as it always barks,’ he said – which is basically the experience of anyone that’s ever tried to travel with a dog.

Thankfully,  if any airlines were willing in Malaysia, it could be possible to never have to go through that experience again.

For now, we’ll just have to dream.

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