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Jho Low Gave Millions To Celebs’ Charities Apart From Spending On Jewelry

Following Jho Low’s case of the alleged purchase of jewelry for Supermodel Miranda Kerr and our MO1’s wife, he apparently ‘donated’ at least $200 million (RM860 million) to charities, many of which have ties to celebrities he swooned over.

While the two celebs who were gifted diamond and art are returning their ill-gotten loot, charities are keeping the money!

Tony Pua, a Malaysian member of the parliament told The Post,

“I don’t know what the charities’ ethical practice should be.

“The monies can’t be returned to the Malaysian government because the government is comprised of people complicit in laundering the money in the first place. The charities should set up a separate trust fund serving a cause benefiting Malaysians, or return the money to Malaysia if the current government is deposed.”

Apparently, Grammy award winning songbird Alicia Keys also received money from Low for the charity she co-founded, Keep a Child Alive, to fight AIDS in Africa and We Are Here Movement. However, Alicia Keys did not return any calls.

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Not only that, Low also gave money to Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, a charity founded by Denise Rich, a former New Yorker who gave up her citizenship more than a decade after Bill Clinton pardoned her late ex-husband, Marc Rich, who was wanted in the U.S for tax evasion.

Low invested $150 million (RM645 million) in Kaplan’s company, Electrum Group LLC and joined its board for a time.

He also gave money to save wild cats. At least $20 million (RM86 million) was given to Panthea, a wild cat foundation created in 2014 by New York-born mercurial mineral mining billionaire Thomas Kaplan.

According to New York Post, after Low had a “cancer scare”, he gave $50 million (RM215 million) to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, to which the told The Post they only received ‘a portion’ of the $50 million (RM215 million).

Low also gave $50 million (RM215 million) to the United Nations Foundation, which told The Post it ‘only’ received $3 million (RM12.9 million). In addition, Low gave to National Geographic Pristine Seas Fund, which still lists Low’s Jynwel Foundation as a partner on its home page.

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Low also pledged at least $20,000 (RM86,000) a year to the Motion Picture Television Fund, he also donated to Children’s National Hospital, Earth To Paris, Global Daily, IRIN News, and Mashable Social Good Summit.

The more I research about Jho Low the more I feel disappointed to be sharing the same hometown as him. How could he use the money that was supposed to help the less fortunate in our country? This is what happens when you give too much money to the wrong people!

(Source: New York Post)






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  1. Charles

    July 4, 2017 at 05:24

    Isn’t it a shame, donating stolen money ?

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