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Johor Haunted Mansion Has Turned Into A Dog Shelter!

What a good use of empty space! One of the spookiest places in the country, Christine Villa, has turned into a home for stray dogs rescued off the streets! The mansion is near Danga Bay and the mansion was so widespread it was even featured in a movie in 2015.

The mansion grew more infamous when a boy was reported missing after exploring it in November 2013, it is said that the mansion has been abandoned for more than 70 years, and now it is owned by a Singaporean man Mr. Lim Sue Heng.

Companion Animal Rescue Effort Society (Cares) founder and chairman Joseph Chia turned the 75,000 sq ft property into a shelter for strays, the place got a little livelier and you can always hear the patter of many paws around the mansion.

The Singaporean owner, Lim, asked Joseph to be the caretaker of the place some 10 months ago, so he housed three or four dogs there to help deter any trespassers. But since Joseph goes to the mansion daily to feed the dogs, he asked for Lim’s permission to put the place to better use as a shelter for stray dogs, Lim agreed to the idea.

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Cares has been running a shelter with about 200 dogs at Lima Kedai in Gelang Patah for the past 13 years and it is very difficult for potential adopters of the strays to find, Villa Nabila is located in the heart of town and is more convenient.

Joseph says he had yet to experience any strange happenings at the mansion, but volunteers and visitors say otherwise, one volunteer swore that a lady in white haunted the second floor of the mansion and another claimed there was a ghostly figure by the guardhouse.

The dogs also limit their movements, they won’t go into certain parts of the mansion and often bark at the bathroom on the lower floor.

The mansion is the best thing that happened to the dogs and great for them for having a place to sleep with a roof over their heads!

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