Judges At KL High Court Complex Have Been Cleaning Their Own Toilets - The Coverage

Judges At KL High Court Complex Have Been Cleaning Their Own Toilets

Judges at the High Court complex in Kuala Lumpur have been cleaning their own toilets for several weeks now, as the janitors have gone on strike after not getting paid by the contractor.

Source: The Sun Daily

According to The Star, the cleaners have reportedly been on strike since the fasting month, claiming they have not been paid. However, it is learned that the Government had paid the contractor and the cleaning service was supposed to run until the end of this year.

The situation at the High Court complex is reportedly so bad that the newly appointed Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum has organized a mass volunteering session on Sunday, July 29.

Source: Hornbill Unleashed

Apparently, the situation at the complex has been this deplorable since before the new Chief Justice took the post. He has requested all court staff and judges to be present on Sunday for a good clean-up of the High Court complex.

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A senior lawyer interviewed by The Star stated that the cleanliness at all levels of the High Court complex is so deplorable that ‘the stench… well it attacks the senses way before the sight of it does’.

To makes matters worse, the male toilets are not functioning.

“Several of these toilets have no lighting at all, leaving users in complete darkness.

“This, coupled with burst urinal pipes and wet unkempt floors, are accidents waiting to happen to unwary users.”

A High Court judge said she received the memo for the cleaning-up session late Friday (July 27) evening.

“In my court, my staff have been cleaning the courtroom, the corridors for weeks.

“I have been washing my (own) washroom. Imagine me cleaning my toilet here when I haven’t had to do it since years ago at home.

“I am planning to take my maid to court to clean my chambers, my court, and washroom. I will need to pay my maid extra for this.”

She added that the current situation was entirely undesirable.

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There was no word when the strike situation imposed by the cleaners will be over. Till then, the judges and their staff not only have documents and papers to go through but also a dirty court.

We hope they are able to get in some outside help to clean up and fix the toilets, also the cleaners shouldn’t have rebelled like that now that the government has given them ample money until the end of the year! 

What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: Says / The Star)



  1. Manz

    July 30, 2018 at 20:33

    I respect the judge as I assume he would do the justice as it is expected from him. Is it a violation to take own maid to clean his chamber’s toilet (even though with pay)? I suppose the contract is for domestic house work only, and not cover any other work. The judge, as I believe is duty-bound to respect the law. I would believe a better view is to ensure the court’s cleaning staff to do a proper work as this is their duty under the employment. Any failure in discharging their duty should be held responsible to rectify. Deviating to enforce it to the court’s cleaning staff, and resorting to the judge’s domestic maid is wrong; and badly reflecting our own judge’s clear thinking.

  2. Banson

    July 31, 2018 at 03:43

    Public Toilets in Malaysia are an absolute disgrace. The only ones sanitary enough to be used are those in 5 star hotels, and far and few and in between. Enforcement and ‘culture’ adjustments are the answer.
    In the same vein, the litter strung streets and beaches likewise are nationaldiagraces.

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