Kangaroo In China Zoo Dies After Visitors Threw Rocks To Get Its Attention - The Coverage

Kangaroo In China Zoo Dies After Visitors Threw Rocks To Get Its Attention

How can you think that it’ll be fine for you to throw stones or rocks at animals? What if we threw stones at you, see how you’d like that!

It is reported that a female kangaroo in a zoo located in Fuzhou, southeastern China’s Fujian province recently died after she was pelted with rocks by visitors only because she wasn’t ‘active’ enough to their liking.

Source: Next Shark

Chen, an employee at the zoo’s animal rescue center, said the 12-year-old marsupial sustained fatal injuries on April 4 after tourists threw rocks that hit her foot and ruptured her kidney in an attempt to make it jump.

A few days later at the same zoo, a 5-year-old male kangaroo was injured after one visitor threw part of a brick inside the animal’s enclosure and injured his right foot. Thankfully, the animal survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

Source: Next Shark

A zookeeper said,

“Some adults see the kangaroos sleeping and then pick up rocks to throw at them.”

After the two incidents, zoo employees removed all projectiles that visitors could throw into the animals’ enclosure to prevent future injuries. Despite the effort, the problem still persists.

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According to the zoo’s kangaroo breeder, Zhang, the animals are usually active from 8 am – 10 am and later from 3 pm – 5 pm.

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Zhang said,

“We’ve cleared out all the rocks from the habitat area, and they just go look for them elsewhere, it’s disgusting!”

The zoo also applied to the Fujian government for financial funding to install high-definition surveillance cameras. The current cameras installed throughout the zoo only shows the animals, not the visitors.

Source: Next Shark

Following the two incidents, the management has reduced the number of kangaroos in the visiting zone. There are now only three kangaroos in the enclosure for the visitors to see.

It is also noted that the remains of the female 12-year-old marsupial will be preserved for display.

These people who think animals exist only to entertain us don’t deserve to be breathing the same air as the animals. They’re living beings just like you and me, they’re God’s creation too. Dare you throw stones at an innocent animal, let us put you in an enclosure and throw stones at you, see if you will like the feeling! 

We hope these people will be tracked down, apprehended, and be punished accordingly for their cruelty!

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