Kantoi Big Time!!! South Korean Diplomat Misuses K-Pop To Sexually Assault Underage Girls!!! - The Coverage

Kantoi Big Time!!! South Korean Diplomat Misuses K-Pop To Sexually Assault Underage Girls!!!

One of the Chile’s local programme called “En Su Propia Trampa”, which translates to “To Fall Into One’s Trap, just busted a South Korean diplomat who sexually assaults young girls, all in the name of K-pop!

According to a source, the first time this harassment occurred was in September when the pervert was teaching Korean to a 14-year-old Chilean girl. Reports said that he allegedly grabbed and pulled her into his house. Girls! If someone forces you to do something, sirens should be ringing in your head and you should be bolting in the other direction!

Apparently, after the whole harassment incident, the girl tipped off a local television channel. I can already feel the “Karma is a b*tch” mode getting turned on. 

The TV channel then sent another woman who pretended to be a teenager to catch the whole harassment episode on camera! And when the program’s staff came to announce his “trapped” moment, he was constantly heard saying “por favor”, which basically means his balls shrunk and he doesn’t want the clip to be aired.

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Before the full episode even came out, the teasers alone was enough to catch the media’s attention both by Chilean and Koreans. So much so, that South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an immediate press release and said, “is extremely sorry for the occurrence and plans to tighten discipline in order to prevent a repeat of similar cases.”

And the best part is, the Ministry vowed to apply a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy to such shameful deeds!

Back in Chile, the accused diplomat is currently suspended from duties as he is under criminal trial.

Check out the video below!



Dikirim oleh En su propia trampa pada 15 Desember 2016

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