Ladyboy Went Under The Knife To Avoid Arrest Over Motorbike Theft - The Coverage

Ladyboy Went Under The Knife To Avoid Arrest Over Motorbike Theft

When you hear about criminals running away from the authorities, you’d normally think of fleeing the country or hiding, right? Not this person though, as the 20-year-old “ladyboy” allegedly had cosmetic surgery in an attempt to elude capture!

Sitthichai Rernyindee was wanted over a motorcycle theft in Bang Khen district in February 2015. The suspect was apprehended after an arrest warrant was issued by the Central Juvenile and Family Court in July 2016.

Sitthichai caught the attention of the police officers on a crime prevention patrol as he/she “walked suspiciously” to try to avoid them around the junction of Sukhumvot Sois 13 and 15 on Monday (December 18) night and was finally brought to the court on Tuesday (December 19) morning.

After the initial search failed to find any illegal items, the suspect was brought to a police station for questions. Going through the criminal database, police were able to discover the arrest warrant on Sitthichai, and so the suspect was arrested and taken to Bang Khen Police Station.

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Source: The Star

There, Sitthichai confessed to joining others in stealing a motorcycle in front of a condominium in Bang Khen on the night of February 14, 2015, before fleeing. The suspect reportedly underwent cosmetic surgery and changed lifestyles to avoid being recognized by the police, on top of that, went to work in the Sukhumvit area.

While you know committing crime result in getting caught or living in constant fear, why do you still do it? If it is peer pressure, then you’re hanging around the wrong type of people! 

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(Source: The Star)

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1 Comment

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