Lim Guan Eng Apartheid Style Income Tax in Malaysia - The Difference Between A Non Muslim Taxpayer & A Muslim Taxpayer In Malaysia - The Coverage

Lim Guan Eng Apartheid Style Income Tax in Malaysia – The Difference Between A Non Muslim Taxpayer & A Muslim Taxpayer In Malaysia

Guan Eng doesn’t want to address Apartheid practiced in Malaysia, instead he wants to go after foreign accounts of Malaysians. Fine, with a track record of Malaysian cheats from Jibby to Zahid, I can’t blame him. Lim, for fuck’s sake address the Apartheid practiced by LHDN. To be fair why NOT the NON Muslims who donate for their faith be treated likewise.

Or is it Jizya/Protection money that Non Muslims have to pay just like under ISIS. Remember Non Muslim Bumiputeras too are affected, the Orang Asli, Sabahans and Sarawakians…….. So why this type of Apartheid taxation. As it is we have to send our children for tertiary education using our own money, selling our assets, so as to afford Private Universities. As all the Public Universities are monopolized by very special people.

That I call “DOUBLE TAXATION!!!” We voted for you liars who spoke with forked tongues for our votes, in thinking that things would change for the better. Just because many are NOT aware of this shit happening, don’t get too comfortable. I guess LHDN made this happen covertly. Dirty, dirty, bastardos.

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Below is a sample of income tax which I downloaded via e-hasil. I toyed with it, placing the Non Muslim and the Muslim income and relief exactly the same. Since the Non Muslim does not pay Zakat, I had him pay RM1,000.00 as a donation exactly the same amount as the Muslim pays for Zakat. I based this on my donation to an old folks home, with a official tax exemption receipt.

Non Muslim Income Tax, pays… by on Scribd

Look at page 2/8 where the Non Muslim pays RM1,000.00 as a donation in the Non Muslim Income Tax return, the RM1,000.00 is deducted from the principal sum. The scheduled monthly deductions are RM8,000. He is taxed RM8551.00. He has to pay an additional RM551.00

Now look at the Muslim’s Income Tax return below, he earns the same amount of money, pays the same insurance, same for everything. Now look at page 4/6 he pays RM1,000.00 for Zakat. Then look at the page 5/6 he gets RM1,000 rebate. His deducted scheduled monthly deductions are RM8,000 the same as the non Muslim’s. He actually gets back RM208.92!!

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Muslim Income Tax by on Scribd

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