Lionel Messi Completely Destroys Manchester City!!! - The Coverage

Lionel Messi Completely Destroys Manchester City!!!

Telling everyone that Lionel Messi just scored a hat-trick is similar as saying the sky is blue and the grass is green. It sounds very common nowadays considering the fact that Messi scores goals just like we breath in air.

The Argentine recently scored a hat-trick against his former manager, Pep Guardiola’s side in the Champions League group stage. Messi has now officially scored 16 goals in 15 games against a Premier League club in the Champions League.

Most of the goals scored by Lionel Messi are mostly resulted from an error committed by the Manchester City players which turns out to be a terrible mistake considering that they are facing the best player in the world.



The first goal from Messi came after a failed tackle which allows Messi to run and a slip by Fernandinho in front of goal gave Messi all the space he need to get his name on the score sheet.

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The second goal for the Argentine came when Manchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne lost possession of the ball which then allows Barcelona to counter attack and resulting in a goal from Messi.

The third goal also is a result from a mistake by Manchester City after losing possession of the ball. Suarez runs forward and delivers a cross and Lionel Messi taps the ball in easily.

Messi has just came back in action after returning from a groin injury and was sidelined for about one month. It is also believed that Messi is not fully fit but he is still provides the similar threat as if he was fully fit.


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