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Little boy beaten by bullies in Malaysia captured in video

A video of a little boy assaulted by bullies has emerged on Facebook.

The almost two minutes long video, posted by William Ooi, gained 1.2 million views, 1,065 shares, 967 reactions and 490 comments.

In the footage, the victim is verbally assaulted before the physical ordeal begin.

The bully dressed in black smiled at the camera before punching and slapping him.

The victim, dressed in yellow, was then headlocked and dragged to a corner.

He was then kicked several times by the bully in white.

A third boy was not seen hurting the victim, but he stood from the background allowing everything to unfold.

At the end of the footage, two other people were seen down the stairs, one of them a woman seemingly calling on the phone.

The comments indicated that the ordeal took place in Malaysia, according to Stomp.



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