Mahathir's Team , Media , IGP , Party , Lawyer & Advisers Are Strategically Abandoning Azmin Ali - Tun Daim Said “Azmin Sudah Habis & Tidak Boleh Dipakai” - The Coverage

Mahathir’s Team , Media , IGP , Party , Lawyer & Advisers Are Strategically Abandoning Azmin Ali – Tun Daim Said “Azmin Sudah Habis & Tidak Boleh Dipakai”

Tun Mahathir Media That Mahathir Used To Bring Down Najib Through 1MDB Scandal – Sarawak Report

The article by Sarawak Report said Azmin was being taken to court over the outstanding bills which include bills for private family trips and his trip to Sandakan during the by-election there earlier this year.

Breaking News : Azmin Ali Sued Over RM300,000 Unpaid Luxury Travel Bills – Travelling Cost RM 1 Million Annually

The website, which quoted documents filed by YHA Travel & Tours, said the amount includes Azmin’s flights within a six-month period.

Sarawak Report : Azmin Ali Taken To Court Over Unpaid Sandakan Travel Bill – EXCLUSIVE

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador : Sex Video Authentic

Cybersecurity Malaysia has confirmed that the sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali is authentic, according to Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador.

“The video, who are those in the video are not within my jurisdiction. So we sent it to Cybersecurity to determine if the video is authentic and if Cybersecurity can ascertain who are in it.

“The answer we received… They (Cybersecurity) said ‘authentic’ (tulen)

“I, as the IGP, cannot simply make statements based on this because it becomes a subject in court proceedings if the matter is brought to justice,”

Therefore, he said, he hopes the people would understand the constraints with regard to his responsibilities as the federal police chief.

“This is why I said this case is not as easy to be resolved in a matter of one, two or three weeks.

“There are those who pressure me… (asking) is there a timeframe (to complete the investigations). It is not for me to decide.

“Two weeks ago, they asked me the same question (on the timeframe). I replied that investigations are being carried out in an active manner.

Source : Malaysiakini

Enough Succession Talk, Kadir Jasin ( Media Adviser ) Says In Veiled Dig at Azmin

Vocal Dr Mahathir Mohamad loyalist A Kadir Jasin has taken a veiled dig at Mohamed Azmin Ali, after the economic affairs minister urged the prime minister to stay on until the end of the five-year term.

Writing on his personal blog, Kadir, who is the communications adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office, also told Azmin that the gay sex video allegedly involving him had “assumed a life of its own”.

“It will haunt its players irrespective of whether they are the confessors, the deniers or the plotters, probably for the rest of their lives,” he wrote.

He added however that ministers should not “feel assured and continue with their moribund ways”.

“Maybe this is the prime minister’s way of saying, you chaps better shape up or ship out when I am no longer around to defend you.

“So any minister who feels the uncontrollable urge to act in a movie or video clip, please make sure that it is G-rated,” he wrote.

What Malay dignity, Kadir Jasin asks after Report of Azmin Ali Unpaid Travel Bills

Veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin is believed to have taken a veiled dig at Mohamed Azmin Ali following a report claiming that a travel agency is taking the economic affairs minister to court over RM300,000 in outstanding bills.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Kadir who is the prime minister’s communications adviser also questioned the “dignity” of the Malays.

“Education debt not paid. Car debt not paid. Now holiday debts also not paid. What Malay dignity?” he said.

Tun Daim : Azmin Ali Sudah Finish?

Selebihnya satu petanda lagi dan ini yang terbaharu sampai ke telinga saya mengenai sikap dan penerimaan Daim Zainuddin berhubung kasus dihadapi Azmin kini. Katanya Daim sudah hilang harapan untuk Azmin menjadi Perdana Menteri selepas meletusnya video lucah Haziq itu. Daim tentu faham dan dapat membaca dan menghidu kedudukan sebenarnya video yang dikatakan tulen tetapi tidak dapat dipastikan pelakunya itu. Apakah Daim mempunyai maklumat lebih banyak daripada pihak Polis mengenai production video berkenaan?

Meminjam kata-kata kawan seperti mana dikutip daripada orang yang rapat dengan Daim; Daim dilaporkan sebagai menyebut; Azmin sudah habis, dia tidak boleh dipakai.” Aduh teruk dan kesat juga Daim kalau itulah kata-katanya. Sama sekali kalau Daim yang sebelum ini dilihat menjadi pembuka jalan kepada Azmin untuk jadi PM tiba-tiba boleh dan tergamak melepaskan kata-kata itu.

Source : msomelayu blogspot

Tun M Lawyer Calls For Update From IGP & AG On ‘Semburit’ Sex Video – Azmin The First Casualty Of Mahathir Wipeout In Tanjung Piai?

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s legal adviser, Haniff Khatri, said police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers should update the public on the status of the investigation into the sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali as it has been more than five months.

Azmin had denied that the man, engaging in sex acts with former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, was him and called it an attempt to destroy his political career.

“I hope Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador or Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, or both of them, can issue an official statement to inform the people on the latest status of the sex video case.

“Professionally speaking, after five months since the video emerged, it is of utmost importance that the authorities handling the case, be it the police or Attorney-General’s Chambers’ adviser on the case to issue an official statement on the status of the investigation into the video.

“This is to ensure that the rule of law is seen to be upheld and to dispel any negative perception about the delay in concluding this case,” he said in a statement.

Haniff is not Mahathir’s first adviser to have taken an interest in the case.

Mahathir’s special media adviser A Kadir Jasin had in June weighed into the case and proceeded to give various instances of ministers resigning over various controversies.

In July, Hamid said an analysis by Cybersecurity Malaysia confirmed the video was authentic but added that it could not be 100 percent certain of the individuals in the video.

Dr M says it again: It’s Anwar, not Azmin, as next PM

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has reiterated that his appointed successor will be Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and not Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) in Bangkok, the Langkawi MP reaffirmed his commitment to step down before the next general election.

SMH reported that when asked if he would definitely pass the baton to Anwar instead of Economic Affairs Minister, Azmin, Dr Mahathir replied; “Yes I will.”

“Although there are lots of other people who have been asking me to carry on until the next election, but that is their view. My commitment is to step down before the next election, certainly,” he added.

Probe Azmin’s Alleged RM 300 Millions Overseas, says MACC Adviser

An adviser to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said they must probe the allegations that Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali had millions stashed in overseas accounts.

MACC honorary adviser Ramon Navaratnam said due to the seriousness of the allegations made by a blogger, MACC should initiate an investigation without waiting for a report to be lodged.

Azmin has denied the allegations by the “Toyol Selangor” blog, whose unnamed author claimed to be his aide when he was Selangor menteri besar. Azmin had said he was willing to be probed over such claims.

“When we are confronted with allegations, the onus is on the MACC to determine whether it is legitimate or just fake news.

He said the government and its leaders, as custodians of public funds, must be transparent and accountable to the people at all times.

“Otherwise we will be led into a decline and corruption would remain in the system. We have already rejected this notion in the recent polls, so let us not see it return.”

Source : FMT


Do Azmin Ali & Family Have RM 300 Millions Stashed Overseas & 2 London Apartments Worth RM100 Million Bought With Cash ?

Source : nakinfojauh

Azmin Ali Semburit Drama : Who Could Be the Hands Behind the Video Release & Its Distribution ?


If it is not Anwar, who else could it be but Mahathir.

This game is not for the normal mortal. It is the games of the Gods or the Malay say, Dewa-Dewa. If not Anwar, it would automatically point to Mahathir, not him per se but within his command.

That curiosity was responded by laughter from a senior political analysts. Naturally, why would he do so on his current flavour as heir apparent?

More so, DAP’s demand for a transition plan is pushing Mahathir’s back towards the wall. In moments like this, it is unthinkable to knock off one’s own allies.

Nevertheless, there are possible basis for Mahathir to throw Azmin under the bus.

Azmin’s forte is politics but he failed Mahathir to deliver the number of MPs to support him in the event of vote of no confidence.

Breaking News : Here Are The List of 101 MPs That Is Supporting Anwar Ibrahim & Wants Tun Mahathir To Resign

Is there anyone other than Zuraidah, Xavier, Sivarasa and possibly one or two more?

During the PKR party election, talk among PKR grassroot was Azmin turned down Mahathir’s request to take on Anwar for the Presidency. It could be his ploy to get Azmin to leave PKR and join PPBM.

As Minister, Azmin is not a performer. Apparently, he failed to prepare an assigned plan to turnaround the economy. Both Azmin and Lim Guan Eng were unable to deliver Mahathir’s request and had to be reminded of the assignment.

National Economic Action Council : Azmin Ali & Lim Guan Eng Is Not Performing At Ministry of Economic & Finance – We Are Still Screwed Economically & Financially

The plan ended up falling into old Tun Daim lap and it pissed the man.

However, there is a popular belief that Azmin was dumped by Mahathir to make way for PPBM’s Dato Mukhriz.

If one still believe Mahathir is still on top of his game and steps ahead of everyone, the conspiracy theory by Reggie Jessie believe it was his own doing.

It was his way of making sure Mukhriz is the successor to Azmin and a ploy to make Anwar over excited and over confident to do something stupid.


So it is not Anwar, not Mahathir, and not Taib, could it be Daim then?

Remember that in April, Daim requested 6 months more to deliver on the promise. By right, he has no time to play political games.

That is unless the 6 months is to solve the political impasse of the PH government that hindered the economic restructuring and formulation of economic recovery policies.

Can We Still Trust Azmin Ali’s Promise That Khazanah Will Still Be Managed By The Professionals? – The Recent En Bloc Resignations Is A Loss For The New Malaysia

There seemed to be a lack of priority in the PH government with each Minister pursuing their own agenda and not in concert with the rest of cabinet members.

Azmin is one of the slackening Minister. If this blog could spot Azmin’s incompetence, Daim could spot it before he first open his mouth.

Azmin had been more a hangers in PKR than actually able to make hard decision and put together and implement plans.

Source : Another Brick of Wall

Tun Daim : Nilai Ringgit Jatuh Kerana Menteri ( Azmin Ali?) PH “Bodoh” – “ Jangan Kacau Rakyat ”

Muhyiddin: Anwar Will Become The Next Prime Minister & Not Azmin Ali As Agreed by PH

The power transition from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will take place, asserts Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) president said the transition was something unavoidable.“It is not a question of who but the timing of when it will take place.

“What we discussed was who we wanted to nominate as prime minister and when we nominated Dr Mahathir, there was disagreement.

“But we manage to come around to pick Dr Mahathir as the prime minister if Pakatan wins.

“Then Anwar’s name came up to be Dr Mahathir’s successor … as far as we know the issue is not about who but more on the timing, where party leaders should sit down and agree to it,” Muhyiddin said after a meeting with Home Ministry’s agencies.

PPBM is not supportive of Azmin but remained silent as he is the boss preference. It is only Muhyiddin and Zambery Kadir man, Dato Rais Hussin that dare to be critical of Azmin.

Anwar Faction Gains Ground In PPBM As Azmin Ali Sex Saga Continues

One PPBM source who has access to the party’s inner circles spoke to FMT about the existence of a “pro-Anwar Ibrahim” faction in the party.

He said calls for Mahathir to retire and pass the baton to Anwar, as promised by Pakatan Harapan (PH) during the general election campaign last year, have been gaining momentum among some within PPBM.

The faction has become more vocal in recent days in the wake of the gay sex video saga targeted at Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

For Azmi, the “Azmin sex saga” has only made the transition promise more fluid.

“It could see Mahathir continuing as PM for an extended period,” he added.

Source : Malaysia Today

Cabinet Reshuffle : Here Are The List of New Cabinet Minister Line Up In Year 2020 Before APEC

Here Are The List of Azmin Ali & Hishammuddin Hussein New Government Cabinet Line Up – UMNO , PKR , PAS , PPBM , MCA & MIC

Mahathir Hinting Disagreement With Azmin Ali Action To Meet With 22 BN MP – “Do So In The Right Way & It Shouldn’t Be Through The Back Door”

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