Malay Guy Illegally Shot A Dog In Kulai, Johor - The Coverage

Malay Guy Illegally Shot A Dog In Kulai, Johor

On 27th February 2017, Ann Marie Dhillon witnessed an illegal dog shooting around Jalan Melawati, Johor. As she was on her way back from work she heard a gun shot, she immediately went towards the scene and found a dog drawing it’s last breath. She then chased down a nearby van driven by a Malay male supposedly working for MPJB who seems to be fleeing from the scene.

She questioned the man “Why did you shoot the dog?”

He told her that the dog belongs to an Indian family which he calls them “Indian fly”, he adds that MPJB has already warn and summoned the dog owners multiple times and they still allow the dog to roam the streets, and according to this man this dog needs to be put down.

Not knowing much about the law, Ann Marie then requested for his mobile number, name and took a picture of the poor dog’s dead body for evidence, she could only get a picture of his body and not the face because the Malay man (Meon) doesn’t allow it.

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Ann Marie then head to the “Indian fly’s” house to ask them a few questions, and the family admitted to allowing the dog to roam outside their home, but when they were summoned by MPJB they stopped letting their dog out. The wife of the Indian man even showed Ann Marie where they kept their dog.

The family even provided the summon papers as evidence too.

After hearing their story, she called Meon and told him that he had shot the wrong dog, he gave her a petty excuse that the dead dog could belong to a Chinese family, staying down the road from the “Indian Fly’s” house. Ann Marie determined to get justice for this poor dog went around asking some Malay ladies she meet along the way and they confirmed with her that there were no Chinese families around their area who own any dogs.

She tried one last time to call Meon and he did not answer, she contacted Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) and found out that the Malaysian Government has banned animal shooting. She felt guilty of what she had discover and warned people to be careful when you let your dogs roam outside alone.

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I hope that this family will find peace with their dog’s passing, and that this man to be caught for illegal dog shooting. Even if it is an order from your employer, animal shooting is banned from the country. The Indian family did not let their dog out roaming, which must mean that this man went out of his way to get the dog outside and shot it dead.

Anyone with the means to catch this guy, Ann Marie Dhillon has provided his name and mobile number. Meon, 012-237 5338.

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1 Comment

  1. FUckyou

    March 8, 2017 at 19:59

    Wei pundek why must mention race? Next time lorry driven by chinese killed 4 Malay women in an accident?


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