MALAYSIA: 16 Years-Old Malaysian Girl Allegedly Had An Affair With Her Ex-Boss  - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: 16 Years-Old Malaysian Girl Allegedly Had An Affair With Her Ex-Boss 

Based on the news source on Facebook, a 16 years-old Malaysian girl, Peixin, allegedly had an affair with her 36 years-old ex-boss, Ken who is one of the shareholders of 66 Foodcourt in Ipoh. Apparently, Ken is a married man with a beautiful wife who just gave birth to their son a few months ago.

Picture of Ken and his wife.

What broke his wife’s heart is that Ken plans to divorce his wife without any reasons and he requested to take the custody of their son.

According to the news source, it states that Ken has been having an affair with Peixin for a long period of time. At that time, Peixin broke up with her boyfriend as she couldn’t stand with her anymore after he found out about the ambiguous texting between Peixin and her ex-boss.

In the screen shots shared on Facebook, it shows that Peixin was requesting money from Ken and asked him to transfer or bank in the cash to her account. Ken never rejected and even apologised to her if he couldn’t make it on time.

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After Ken’s wife found out that he was cheating on her, she confronted Peixin’s mother in order to urge the teenager to stay away from Ken. However, Peixin denied that she is still in contact with Ken.

Ken got irritated and had a fight with his wife after he found out about the confrontation with Peixin’s mother. He proposed to his wife that he wanted a divorce and he requested to have his son‘s custody.

The poster even shared the snaps of the conversation between Ken and Peixin on Wechat. In their nauseating conversation, Ken unconditionally promised to transfer money to Peixin and confessed to Peixin everyday where he said he can’t live without her and misses her day and night.

Please kindly ask for help from your friends who know how to read Mandarin for the conversation below.

This is Peixin, who allegedly having an affair with Ken. According to the information she stated in her Facebook profile, she was born in 2001. It makes me wondering what am I doing when I was 16. I guess I will definitely kena chased out from the house by my parents. 

Picture of Peixin

Facebook profile of Peixin

Peixin’s biodata on Facebook

Peixin’s Wechat Contact

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