MALAYSIA: 4-Year-Old Girl Almost Got Kidnapped At Aeon Kepong - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: 4-Year-Old Girl Almost Got Kidnapped At Aeon Kepong

Parents, your kids are not safe anymore as there is a syndicate going around Kepong area trying to kidnap children when their parents or guardians are unaware.

We cannot stress how important it is to keep an eye on your little one every waking hour of the day just to keep them safe! Because there are ill-intent people potentially lurking in every corner!

A mother took to Facebook to share and warn other parents of how her 4-year-old daughter almost got kidnapped at Aeon Kepong shopping mall.

According to her post, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law had brought her little girl to the shopping mall on Friday (March 23) afternoon. Just as they were heading to the lift to the car park, a woman in her early twenties approached the family and shouted while grabbing the little girl’s hand,

“Mom, mom, look! My little sister is here!.”

Her sister-in-law was shocked but she suspected that the stranger said that to confuse passersby that the little girl was her sister. She then grabbed hold of her niece tightly and pushed the stranger away.

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However, there was a scuffle between the stranger and the sister-in-law as both of them pushed and pulled each other, while loudly saying that the little girl was her younger sister and tried to take her away.

The mother continued,

“My mother-in-law saw that something wasn’t right and quickly rushed forward to hug my daughter tightly. She shouted, ‘What do you mean your younger sister? This girl is my granddaughter!’ That was when another man with an older lady and a young girl came forward to tell the stranger that she had spotted the wrong person.”

Source: Property Guru

“He called her and when she looked over, he said that her little sister was right here while pointing at the young girl who was with them. The four of them then quickly rushed away from the scene.”

Luckily, her daughter, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law were safe, however, her mother-in-law sprained her wrist during the incident while her daughter suffered a shock.

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The family suspected that those people could be a syndicate who targets young children and decided to lodge a police report about the incident.

Source: Facebook

The mother added that she was very disappointed as at that time, no one came forward to help them but just stood there and watched the whole scene.

She ended her post writing,

“It might be a misunderstanding but I just want to warn others about this incident and remind parents to be alert whenever they are out with their young children. They are so daring and have the audacity to try and kidnap in broad daylight. Please be careful.”

Her post has garnered over 34,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

Parents and guardians, you need to ensure the safety of your little one, do not lose sight of them and also hold on to their hands when they are out in public. Be safe guys!

(Source: Facebook / WOB)

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