Malaysia: Astro SuperSport's host was petrified after being sexually harassed to cuddle on a plane! - The Coverage

Malaysia: Astro SuperSport’s host was petrified after being sexually harassed to cuddle on a plane!

“It sucks being a woman” said Yong Wan Jun, former host at Quickie and the current host of Astro SuperSport. She started out her post with the bold statement after stating that she had moved 7 rows forward from a man who had just sexually harassed her on the same plane that both of them were in.


She had initially published her post unto her Facebook page on the 1st of June at 4 in the morning during her flight. Her post has since garnered 600 over shares and it’s no surprise as to why after I tell you about what happened to her.

In her post, she stated that being in the same plane and proximity with the person who harassed her felt incredibly uncomfortable and in her word, “… just petrified me cause of the way he touched me.”

Airline attendants working inside of a airplane.

She explained that she had boarded unto a Turkish Airlines flight, while being on her flight, she had gotten herself stuck into a three hour long conversation with a man whom she knows little of and more over, he just kept talking about himself the whole time.

She added, “I now know his name, his 3 year old daughter’s name and that he works in New York. All this without sharing about myself, besides the fact that I have a boyfriend cause he asked. I was just listening to him talking, just like any other polite, decent human being.”


Throughout the three hour long forceful conversation, the guy had about 3 small bottle of wine. It was about 2am as Yong Wan Jun wanted to get a good night’s rest, but little did she know, she wasn’t going to get anywhere near to a good night’s rest as the guy had requested that they cuddled.

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Appalled by the request, she obviously rejected it but he still kept trying to forcefully take her into his arms. Even though she didn’t clearly wanted this, she tried to polite by stating that she’s in a relationship. Wan Jun made a good point that women often try to use this statement because men respect other men more so than women, it takes another man to fend off men’s advances towards women, because girls simply being uninterested is not a valid excuse.


The man then gave the excuse of her boyfriend not being here and continued harassing her sexually. Feeling extremely uncomfortable already, she told him that he may be drunk. Furious by the statement she made, he felt she was being offending.

This led to her being worried and afraid. She commented, “mind you I was sitting at the window seat and couldn’t go anywhere. At this point he was going on about how offensive it was for me to reject him and saying he is drunk.. Then he gave me an apology I think, but honestly all I could gather was him justifying why he wants a cuddle and guilt tripping me into giving it to him.”

Sexual Harassment at work

By the end of the exchange, he still had the guts to touch her by putting his hands around her shoulder. When he took off to the toilet, she took the opportunity to switch seats after reporting the incident to the air stewardess.

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“I did went out of my way to downplay this situation. I said “The man beside me wants to hug me, but I don’t want any trouble.” Instead of “I was just sexually harassed by the man sitting beside me.”

“That incident made me feel violated. But i still felt bad for him. Maybe it was just the alcohol? But why am I made to feel guilty? Last I check, I didn’t owe anyone a hug. Could it be that it was my fault? Large part of society still blames the women.”


After reading her story, I felt bad for her and at the same time furious with the man who had made her feel this way. Sexual harassment still lives on until today, but something that, not only I have in mind but several commenters as well is that she makes it sound as if all men are sexual harassers in her post.

She ended her post by saying, “I’m still afraid, sitting here in this airplane. How do I run out of the aircraft when we disembark? How do I avoid him at immigration? Ladies, how many times have you walked away from a situation that left you afraid, ashamed and guilty all at the same time? Men, how many times have you made a woman feel that, because you felt entitled? Yeah, its sucks being a woman. Because half of the human race is a threat. Because they are men.”


I get that if she didn’t mean it that way but it sure does to a lot of us. As a male writing this, I can’t help but say it’s not about the gender as women can harass men too, it’s instead the non-consensual actions of one gender unto the other. It’s worse enough that you allow to build the word, ‘sexual harassment’ by generalizing all men are like that.

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The point is that sexual harassment is still a big issue, both genders should know what the consent means and how it applies to preventing sexual harassment too. I admit most victims of sexual harassment are women but please don’t generalize all men as sexual predators.

I would love to know the views on sexual harassment in general from all of you and at the same time, what do you all think about the incident? Let us know and let everyone else know too, cheers!

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