Malaysia Carlsberg Promoter Girl Reply To A Guy "So If I Speak Mandarin, Am I Not Malaysian?" - “Ini Bumi Melayu , You Kena Cakap Melayu” - The Coverage

Malaysia Carlsberg Promoter Girl Reply To A Guy “So If I Speak Mandarin, Am I Not Malaysian?” – “Ini Bumi Melayu , You Kena Cakap Melayu”

What wrong with this girl promoting Carlsberg Beer in an allocated alcoholic area in the mall ? Why should the guy enter non halal area in the first place ? Moreover the free alcohol beer tester is only for non-Muslims. Why should he even be racist to forced the girl to speak in Malay ? Why should he be so racial to ask ‘You Orang Apa” and “Ini Bumi Melayu , You Kena Cakap Melayu”.

A Carlsberg promoter was humiliated and shown the middle finger by a man at a Giant hypermarket just because she was doing her job.


The man approached the promoter and asked her what she was holding. The girl politely answered that it was beer. The man then asked what her race was and accused her of offering the alcoholic beverage to everyone in the hypermarket.

“No, I choose non-Muslims only (to let them try the beverage).”

“She didn’t offer you the beer. So why are you so ‘triggered’? You as a Muslim should know better not to enter the non-halal section,” a Muslim netizen commented. “The girl was promoting within the non-halal section and she obviously chose her customers carefully. Also, what were you doing in the non-halal section?” another netizen said.

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A female promoter was shown being verbally harassed for handing out beer samples at a hypermarket in Ampang.

The man was also heard questioning her about her race and why she was allowed to promote beer at the hypermarket.

Things escalated when she chided him for harassing her. He repeatedly insisted that she speak to him in Malay (“Ini bumi Melayu, cakap Melayu”) and showed her the middle finger when she refused to budge.

The promoter had questioned if he was a “racist”, which he denied vehemently.

She then said in Mandarin, “So if I speak Mandarin, am I not Malaysian?” earning her a middle finger accompanied by an eloquent “F*** you”.

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