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Malaysia: Dog’s leg chopped off after encountering two disgusting men – help needed for veterinary bills!

It takes a certain type of people to really commit such insidious and disgusting violent acts of crimes against innocent animals. This recent post that has gone viral on the rounds of Facebook too is especially heartbreaking to see.

Dubbed as the ‘Tesco Boy’, this small in size innocent dog was named as Micah. Micah however wasn’t in the best condition when encountered by the people who found him as he had one of his front legs missing.


Micah was allegedly chased by 2 (Foul and disgusting) men on a motorbike behind the proximity of a Tesco daily – hence the nickname, Tesco Boy. Everyday he would be chased by these 2 men who would beat him with sticks.

However, it all changed one day when they decided to do the unthinkable and chop off his leg in close range. This was suspected because Micah is usually described as friendly and approachable. The claim was that Micah came close to them thinking they were about to offer food to him.

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“Doctors said that Micah is in so much pain and that’s why he is fierce. His leg is swollen and he lost a lot of blood. They will need to stabilise him before deciding how they are going to amputate the leg.” stated the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue.

In addition, “Also the decision will be based on how far the infection has set in. The more deeper the more need to be amputated. Doctors will be putting him on IV antibiotics and Iv drips until swelling subsides and the blood test results will show the blood count for WBC.”


The non-profit organisation would also like to not that an estimate on the vet bills will be updated to the public once an unanimous decision has been made.

“MIAR has done our part rescuing him, please help donate to his vet bills and also do go thru our page for the past one month to see dogs rescued this month and their bills are not affordable for us. Help us save more by helping us out with vet bills. Kindly donate to him to this bank account on behalf of MIAR”


You can help by donating or contacting them through the following information given below. Maybank account of Persatuan Pencinta Hak Asasi
Bank account Number : 562414514401
Paypal : [email protected]

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We from TheCoverage would like to thank the people within the organisation, other non-profit animal rescue organisation and the local/ private vets for their commitment in helping those who do not have a say in this harsh world. Continue to do good and thank you. Cheers!


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sharon

    February 27, 2017 at 18:29

    Poor little dog. I’d love to get hold of those 2 excuses for men they’d lose more than their legs. Only cowards do these horrendous things to animals, obviously born with small dicks hateful men. Real men don’t hurt the innocent, hopefully karma is just around the corner and they will ” reap what they sow”.

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