Malaysia Feng Shui Master Wins RM20mil Toto Jackpot - Obtained The Number From A Temple - The Coverage

Malaysia Feng Shui Master Wins RM20mil Toto Jackpot – Obtained The Number From A Temple

A feng shui master became an instant multi-millionaire when he won RM20.5mil in a lottery.

The 61-year-old Johorean had placed bets in the Toto4D Jackpot 1 on lucky numbers — 1651 and 7288 — which he “obtained” from a temple he frequented.

The man, who collected his winnings last Monday, said that as a feng shui consultant, he could “sense” of late that he had the “money luck”, adding that he prayed at the temple frequently.

“The temple has seen many of its followers winning the lottery. I got my lucky numbers after my prayer session on Friday but I only bought the pair of numbers on Saturday for the first time and I won the RM20.5mil jackpot!

He bought a System 5 ticket, which won him not only a whopping RM20,492,856.85 but also an additional RM1,008.

Another winner from Penang, who bought an i-System 40 ticket, won RM1,050,915.75 from the same draw.

The feng shui consultant said his entire family could not sleep after finding out on Sept 30 that he had won the jackpot.

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“I thought many would have bought the same numbers and I would be sharing the jackpot with a few winners.

“I guess I was truly lucky to win RM20.5mil out of the RM21.5mil jackpot,” he said, adding that he would donate some of his winnings to the temple, help his children pay off their housing loans and help them start their own businesses.




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