Malaysia Magnum’s Biggest Ever 4D Jackpot Up For Grabs - RM 33 Million - The Coverage

Malaysia Magnum’s Biggest Ever 4D Jackpot Up For Grabs – RM 33 Million

RM33 million is up for grabs in Magnum’s biggest ever Jackpot, with only a partial win for Jackpot 1 on Saturday, there is an extra RM13 million to be won for the winner of Jackpot 2.

Magnum Jackpot 2 is won almost every draw and with the cascading feature, it is now possible to win extra millions in Jackpot 2.

On Dec 5, 2018, two lucky winners who won Jackpot 2 shared an extra 10 million as there was no winner for Jackpot 1. The winners were pleasantly surprised to receive the extra millions in addition to their Jackpot 2 prize.

The cascading feature kicks-in when the Magnum Jackpot prize exceeds RM30 million. If it is still not won, then any amount exceeding RM20 million will cascade and will be added into the Jackpot 2 prize amount.

The previous highest Jackpot with RM33.2 million was recorded in 2017. The excitement is running high as this Magnum 4D Jackpot is set to be possibly the biggest 4D Jackpot in Magnum’s history.

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A Magnum spokesperson said with the start of the new year and with Chinese New Year just around the corner, excitement is running at an all-time high for the RM33 million Magnum 4D Jackpot to be won.

“While the current cascading feature has been running since Dec 30, 2018, there were numerous winners who won several hundred thousand ringgit by placing partial bets.”

Mr Tan, a loyal Magnum player, was thrilled about the cascading feature, “I was truly excited when the Magnum Jackpot hit RM30 million in December 2018. I placed partial bets and won Jackpot 2 with a few hundred thousand extra cascaded from the Jackpot 1 prize.

While Mr Tan aims for a bigger Jackpot, Ms Lim has a plan in mind, “I’m happy to win the Jackpot now. If I win, I’ll place the entire RM33 million in a fixed deposit account and earn an extra RM1 million interest every year.”

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