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Malaysia : Man Locked In Room For Hours For Refusing To Purchase Phone

A man was locked in a room for a few hours for refusing to purchase a mobile phone from a mobile phone reseller here in Kuala Lumpur before he was eventually released.


MUHAMMAD YUSUF AZMI (Second from Left) watches as cash is returned to Dipres Nasution Mohd Arifin (Second from Right).

KUALA LUMPUR 15 DEC – Dipres Nasution Mohd Arifin, 28, was detained and locked in a room at Kompleks Kota Raya here in Kuala Lumpur when he refused to purchase four mobile phones from a store.

The victim stated that he had refused to continue with the purchase of the four mobile phones when the salesperson skyrocketed the total price to RM 10 000; more than 10 times the initial agreed price of RM 800.

Nasution claimed that he was drawn to the offer of RM200 per mobile phone that the store was promoting.

However, after having paid, he said that he was led to a room to wait instead of being given the purchased mobile phones.

After waiting for several hours in the room alone, a man came into the room with a bill for RM 10, 000 instead of the agreed price of RM 800.

I asked the man why the price differed so greatly but he came up with all sorts of excuses” , said Nasution.

I was shocked, hence I questioned the initial payment procedure. However, when I asked to cancel the purchase and requested that they returned the RM800, they refused. At the same time, they also threatened that my name would be blacklisted by the said mobile phone’s brand.”

The man then forced me to withdraw money from an ATM. I told him that I had only RM 5000 but he said that he would not release me if I did not pay up.

After having made sure that there were insufficient funds in my account, the man settled for RM 5000 for the four mobile phones instead but the mobile phones that he gave to me weren’t the same as the ones I had selected/purchased.” said Nasution.

Having realised that he was duped, Nasution immediately lodged complaints to several agencies including The Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM).

Incidents like the above give other mobile phone resellers a bad name and make Malaysians shy away from mobile phone resellers in the city.

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