Malaysia : Over RM150,000 Lost In Break-In, Victims Seek Help Of Malaysians - The Coverage

Malaysia : Over RM150,000 Lost In Break-In, Victims Seek Help Of Malaysians

The daughter of a couple who had their house broken into, seeks the help of Malaysians

In light of the current economic downturn, robbery and break-in cases are becoming increasingly frequent these days, putting law abiding citizens in a state of constant fear and panic- and invoke a great ‘what if’ in the minds of victims who fall prey to these criminal acts.

Facebook user Rachael Chin took to social media to seek the help of Malaysians after her parents’ house was robbed yesterday.

The house of Miss Chin’s parents were ransacked by intruders, who also got away with her car that was parked there, a C200 Mercedes Benz.

To our understanding, Miss Chin’s parents were out of the house with her during the break-in, and were shocked to find their home in USJ completely ransacked when they reached home a few hours later.

Below is Miss Chin’s post on her Facebook profile.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.59.55 AM

A screen capture of Miss Chin’s post on Facebook, that has garnered over 4,500 shares since it was first posted

Miss Chin ends her post on Facebook by thanking the fact that nobody was harmed.


The aftermath of the break-in at the home of Miss Chin’s parents



The robbers searched every nook and cranny of the house for valuables



The mess left behind by the perpetrators



Oddly, they left their machete behind, believed to have been brought along with the robbers as ‘extra percaution’



The robbers didn’t leave anything unturned. They even smashes flower pots in case there was money or valuables stashed in them



They even managed to pry open the safe



The robbers are believed to have gained entry to the home of Miss Chin’s parents by ramming through the front door

It goes without saying that the break-in was unfortunate.

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Miss Chin’s parents are estimated to have lost thousands upon thousands of Ringgit because of the break-in, though it wasn’t specified in Miss Chin’s post on Facebook.

We implore all Malaysians to help Miss Chin’s parents out by keeping an eye out for Miss Chin’s stolen car, a C200 Mercedes Benz bearing the registration plate of WUE 633.

By spotting the car and contacting authorities, it will help police get one step closer to arresting the robbers and bringing them to the attention of the law and put them behind bars, effectively keeping them safe from other Malaysians.

A picture of the stolen Mercedes, which bears the registration plate : WUE 633

A picture of the stolen Mercedes, which bears the registration plate : WUE 633

After all, judging by how organised their break-in to Miss Chin’s parent’s home is, it is safe to assume that this isn’t the first time the said robbers have done something like this; and it will most definitely won’t be their last.

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Miss Chin’s original post on Facebook can be found here .

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